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This is how the special search works

The normal search on eBay sorts by the most popular articles. Since you do not know on what criteria this happens, it is possible that real bargains are not found.

Our special search sorts the items found according to the remaining time of the auctions. Thereby it is more likely that you will get a real bargain at an item which has not received any bids just before the end of the auction.

This gives you the chance to buy a little-noticed item with a few bids at a very reasonable price.

Take advantage of this opportunity to find some real bargains!

News for Storage & Display Supplies

A pop-up store in NYC is stocking products made entirely of single-use plastic as retailers grapple with changing laws
The pop-up coincides with New York state's reinstated plastic bag ban, which was postponed in March.

'Apple Glass' could display comparison information for shoppers
If you can't decide between two items in a store, you may be able to hold them side by side and have "Apple Glass" display a rundown of the benefits of each.

The Reopening Of Retail: Why The In-Store Experience Matters Now, More Than Ever
In 2020, independent stores face not only new expectations but a wave of uncertainty regarding the health of public spaces. Retailers cannot simply throw up discounts and welcome back the masses. To ...

LEGO and IKEA Have Designed a New Line of Storage Boxes With the Help of Child Psychologists
BYGGLEK, a new line of storage boxes from LEGO and IKEA, allows parents to clean up LEGO creations without ruining their child's work-in-progress.

American Retail Supply Provides Display Cases and Shelf Brackets to Retail Stores to Aid Their Operations
American Retail Supply offers a large assortment of products that are useful for retail stores’ operations. Among these products are display cases and shelf brackets. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 - SBWire, ...

Bedroom storage ideas: 30 stylish ways to organize your space
Look out for bedroom shelving that combines drawers for clothes, cupboards for boxes of items you don't want on display and open cubes for cherished objects. A simple shelving unit that can be fitted ...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Storage and Display Unit for Product Samples (DNV-123)
She developed a prototype for the patent-pending SAMPLE ORGANIZER to keep product samples organized and easily accessible. As such, it saves time and effort and presents a neat and orderly appearance.

10 Ways to Stop Shoplifting in Your Retail Store
Shoplifting is a thorn in the side of all retailers. In this article, we go through 10 loss prevention tips to help businesses prevent shoplifting.

Organize Knitting, Sewing and Crafting Supplies with StoreSMART's Plastic Storage Pockets
PRNewswire/ -- Untangle your crafting supplies—and frazzled nerves—with StoreSMART's new suite of storage pockets. Keep all your knitting, sewing, ...

The OnePlus 8T’s Superpowers Are Its Crazy-Fast Charging And Gorgeous Display
Couple its great display and design with the OnePlus 8T’s understated but sleek Lunar Silver finish (also available in bolder Aquamarine if that’s your jam), and you have a really attractive handset ...

Get Retail Store Products at Reasonable Prices and with Excellent Customer Service from American Retail Supply
American Retail Supply is a go-to-shop store for retailers looking for items that will assist them to run their retail stores efficiently. The company offers an extensive range of wholesale products ...

Indie booksellers plug up display windows with fake Amazon boxes to illustrate being ‘Boxed Out’ on Prime Day
Independent booksellers will spend Prime Day stuffing their display windows and storefronts with empty Amazon lookalike boxes to signify the chilling effect the online mega-retailer is having on small ...