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News for Coins: Medieval

Medieval cemetery discovered under a Berlin car park reveals its original residents’ lives were plagued by conflict, disease and poor diets
The remains were unearthed in Petriplatz, near the former St Peter's Church in the town of Colln. Buried between 1047 and 1299 AD, they showed signs of scurvy and tuberculosis.

When the Romans turned Jerusalem into a pagan city, Jews revolted and minted this coin
Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a rare coin minted about 1,900 years ago, when the Jewish people revolted against Roman occupation, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced (IAA) last week.

Coins of Medieval Hungary: Part 2
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A Look at the Roots of The Witcher's Creepiest Creatures
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Mystery treasure could be in forgotten medieval code
He goes out searching with the society once or twice every weekend, with up to 70 others. His haul to date includes medieval and Roman coins, but he had never found anything valuable until now.

Medieval money! Man finds ancient 600+ year-old coin while gardening!
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Hoard of Viking coins seized during police raid could ‘change British history’
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The most astonishing treasure finds of 2019 so far
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Viking coins found during police raids could change British history
COINS from an important Viking hoard, which were found during a police investigation, could change British history ... curator of Early Medieval Coins and Viking Collections at the British ...

Couple describe moment they found medieval coin haul
Metal detectorists Adam Staples and Lisa Grace describe the moment they discovered a haul of ancient medieval coins in Somerset which are now being examined by the British Museum.

Medieval Money! Man Finds Ancient 600+ Year-Old Coin While Gardening!
You may have come across a quarter or penny you found but how about a coin that's over 6 centuries old?! Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story. Medieval Money!