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News for Toys & Hobbies

Way Out Toys & Games hobby store opens in Ave Maria
A collectible hobby store, Way Out Toys & Games, launched June 18 in Ave Maria’s Town Center. The new store carries thousands of comics, movie posters, toys, action figures, collectible card games and ...

Tri-Cities Toy And Hobby Show Saturday In Greeneville
The Tri-Cities Toy and Hobby Show will be 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday at Greeneville Parks and Recreation, 456 East Bernard Ave.

Toy & Hobby Show Set For Saturday
The Tri-Cities Toy & Hobby Show will be held in Greeneville from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday at the East View Recreation Center at 456 East Bernard Avenue.

Gundam Infinity Continues To Launch New Anime Fans Into The World Of Mecha
Gundam helped pioneer the real robot subgenre of mecha anime, which had an impact in Japan comparable to that of other famous space operas in the United States before becoming a global phenomenon.

The coolest-ever tool and toy
What was once the gee-whiz darling of maker spaces is now affordable enough to be a common household tool and toy for all ages. “Prices on printers have come way down,” said Donald Laird, chair of the ...

Tokyo Police arrest 24-year-old suspect dubbed the 'Lego Kid' for stealing toys
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 24-year-old man dubbed the “Lego Kid” among toy store staff in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. Naoto Daitoku and his two accomplices, aged 17 and 19, were arrested ...

Best Hatchimals Colleggtible
Hatchimals Colleggtibles are both fun and interactive. When you purchase one of these adorable toys, the Hatchimal is resting inside an egg. The new owner will have to touch, rub and tap the egg ...

Toy fair a monster day out for super collector and his daughter
When Beven Davey was 5 years old, his great-grandmother Myra gave him two toy action figures — the characters Mantenna and Leech from the Masters of the Universe TV series. “I remember thinking, ...

Action figures: Growing group of toy photographers in Singapore say the hobby is no child’s play
In front of him are a few tablespoons' worth of baking soda, precariously balanced on a tiny upturned gardening pot, a slab of styrofoam, some cardboard pieces painted white and three toy figurines.

Village fair aims for Guinness World Record with hobby horse parade
Organizers of a village fair in England said they unofficially broke a Guinness World Record with a parade of 263 people riding hobby horses.