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News for Toys & Hobbies

Philippine collector amasses super-sized collection of fast-food toys
Filipino graphic artist Percival Lugue has about 20,000 toys packed from floor to ceiling in his home and holds a Guinness World Record.

Funtastic Announces Corporate Name Change To Toys”R”Us ANZ
Toys"R"Us just take us back to our childhoods. But not in a hatred of Brussel sprouts, vomit in the car kinda way.

Naperville Teen's Popsicle Stick Hobby Becomes A World Record
Eric Klabel built the tallest Popsicle stick structure at more than 20 feet tall, a feat recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

YouTuber Brothers Vlad and Niki Debut 'Epic' New Toys That Capture Their 'Sense of Adventure'
"The kids think of our boys as buddies and our boys think of them as friends," Vlad and Niki's mom Victoria tells PEOPLE ...

Man builds new home to specifically hold his fast food toy collection
Now, nearly five decades later, the 50-year-old man already has about 20,000 toys collected from the basement down to the attic in his house. Not only that, he also holds the World Record of the ...

Great-grandmother creates more than 100 memory bears after picking up lockdown hobby
A kind-hearted great-grandmother has made more than 100 memory bears for friends and family. Mary Osborne, aged 78 from Bloxwich, began making the cuddly toys during lockdown as a hobby. Originally ...

Pinoy eyes museum for huge toy collection
From the age of 5, Filipino graphic artist Percival Lugue has had a passion for collecting toys from fast-food restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and ...

Finley Alexander Wealth Management - Hobby Collections
If you're wondering if your collection has a hidden gem in it, Finley Alexander Wealth Management can help connect you with someone who can help. Learn more here.

Funtastic to change its name to Toys “R” Us ANZ
Funtastic Limited has announced official plans to change its name to Toys “R” Us ANZ Limited.The decision for the corporate identity change looks to reflect the company’s “transformation to a ...

Filipino collector amasses super-sized collection of fast-food restaurant toys
One of Percival's most treasured pieces is a "Hetty Spaghetti" figurine, a Jollibee mascot that his mother gave him in 1988. His dream now is to eventually put his collection on display for the public ...