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News for Stamps

Trump administration wants to cut food stamps to thousands of seniors, lawmakers say
Cutting the nutrition aid for more than 8,000 poor seniors on January 1 would be "catastrophic," lawmakers say.

Order stamps by mail? It’s faster to walk your letter to its destination | Nancy Eshelman
Postal management should study Amazon. Sometimes when I place an Amazon order it seems as if I close my laptop and the package is at my front door.

UN Crypto Stamps highlight new technology
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Panel rejects using remaining virus aid on food stamps
Families receiving food stamps won’t get a boost from New Hampshire’s federal coronavirus relief aid. The state has allocated all but $991,120 of the $1.25 billion ...

Food stamps provide much-needed aid during holidays amid a pandemic
Experts and anti-hunger groups are urging state and federal governments to continue offering SNAP flexibility or to do more.

Californians Can Use Food Stamps To Buy Groceries Online
As COVID-19 cases continue to climb, vulnerable Californians in need may now opt to use CalFresh benefits at five major retailers.

Prosecutors pull Hitler stamps off the shelves in Russia’s Oryol region
Prosecutors in Russia’s western Oryol region have managed to get postage stamps featuring a portrait of Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler withdrawn from sale. According to the head of the ...

Walmart and McDonald’s have the most workers on food stamps and Medicaid, new study shows
A sizable number of the recipients of aid programs like Medicaid and food stamps are employed by some of the biggest and more profitable companies in the country.

Update: Securus Technologies Provides Nearly 17 Million Free JPay Stamps For Incarcerated Individuals During Pandemic
Securus Technologies today released its weekly update detailing the total number of free calls, video connections, JPay Stamps, news subscriptions and game downloads it has provided since the ...

Fact check: People will not have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to receive food stamps and rent assistance
Social media users are sharing posts, claiming that food stamps and rent assistance will be withheld from those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. However, the report on which these claims are ...

Thomas Massie shocked by food stamps in the mail for his high school child
Rep. Thomas Massie was surprised to find out that his oldest son was receiving food stamps in the mail after Kentucky schools shut down and were no longer offering school lunches to students.