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College students say they can't send in their absentee ballots because they don't know where to buy stamps
Democrats are counting on Generation Z, many of whom recently gained the right to vote, to help turn Congress blue in the midterm elections. But 49 cents may be all it takes to keep these post-Millenn...

Study: College students don't know where to buy stamps to mail in absentee ballots
Give me liberty, unless I cannot find stamps. A focus group in Virginia discovered that many college students who obtained absentee ballots to vote did not send them back because they did not know whe...

Focus group: College students don't vote absentee because they don't know where to buy stamps
A focus group in Virginia’s Fairfax County found that many college students decline to complete the absentee voting process because they don’t know how to purchase stamps. The group, which ...

N.J. grocery store owner admits $888K food stamps fraud scheme
The 25-year-old owner of a Newark deli admitted Tuesday she defrauded the government out of $888,000 in a food stamps scheme she ran over more than six years. Maria Teresa Venegas, of Newark, pleaded ...

Pakistan stamps show terrorists as victims in J&K
CHENNAI/ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Post has issued 20 “commemorative” postage stamps portraying slain terrorists and some others as “victims of atrocities by Indian troops in Kashmir”.

Students Say They Don’t Vote Because They Can’t Find Postage Stamps
The folks in charge of Fairfax County, Virginia have been perplexed in recent days. They've been trying to figure out why college students have not been sending back their absentee ballots.

You might be surprised at the number on food stamps in Fresno
More than one out of every five households in both the city of Fresno and Fresno County receive food stamps or other supplemental food assistance — by far the highest rates of people getting food aid ...

Women representatives or rubber stamps!
Politics is a gendered field. Women enter politics and even get elected as the representatives of the people, but they seldom exercise their rights. Women (leaders) are expected to stay in the backgro...

College students fail to cast absentee ballots because they can't find stamps, focus group finds
College students at Old Dominion are having a tough time casting absentee ballots over a problem that costs cents — U.S. postal stamps. Lisa Connors with the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs to...

Students Don’t Know How to Buy Stamps So They’re Not Voting by Mail
College students often have to use the U.S. Postal Service to vote, since they don’t live where they are registered. This requires them to mail their absentee ballots to a different location. But this ...

Jersey shop owner admits to $888G food stamps fraud scheme
A New Jersey grocery store owner admitted to defrauding the state of more than $888,000 in a fraudulent food stamps scheme. Maria Teresa Venegas, owner of Jenny’s Deli in Newark, ran the elaborate sca...

College Students Say They Don’t Know How To Buy Stamps
College students apparently aren’t voting absentee because they don’t know how to buy stamps: FAIRFAX, Va. — ”Vote or die.” Unless, it’s too hard to find a stamp. A Fairfax County focus group this sum...