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News for Art Posters

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Remembering the lost art form of circus posters
The word circus draws to mind a number of artistic expressions but the poster isn't one of the most immediate. Yet circus posters were remarkable for their artistry and are one of the earliest ...

For Absurdly Well’s politically charged street art, inspiration is of-the-moment
In broad daylight, the signage, crafted by the street artist known as Absurdly Well, looked almost vulgar: a stark reminder of the pandemic that was taking 1,000 lives a day. En route, perhaps, to a ...

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Uncommon Goods is selling these classic first-edition book covers as wall prints so you can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

Posters that changed the world – in pictures
A new book, published by Pavilion, 100 Posters That Changed The World, looks at the stories behind 300 years of classic designs Sarah Gilbert Photograph: The Art Archive Photograph: Lordprice ...

Artists Flood the US With Massive Amounts of Anti-Trump Art in the Final Week Before the Election—See Images Here
Artists from across the US are designing posters, slogans, and other visual messages to encourage people to vote.

Your Walls Can Look Like Meghan Markle's With These Art Prints (For Under $100!)
Meghan Markle's California living room is giving us major design inspiration. As she and Prince Harry give us more glimpses into their home, we're finding it hard not to be at least a little jealous — ...

STIK art prints, donated to thousands of Londoners, have been stolen
STIK art prints, donated to thousands of Londoners, have been stolen Thousands of prints by the street artist STIK, which were intended to be distributed as a gift to London residents after months of ...

Art Prints Vicky Brings Custom Skyline Prints to People Everywhere
Clients can choose from 218 skylines Today, urban art is finding its foothold in homes and offices around the world, and one artist is helping clients get their hands on ...

First Images and Poster Art for New Anime Series “Godzilla: Singular Point” Unleashed
Singular Point“ earlier this month, an original anime series that’s set to feature character designs by Blue Exorcist’s Kazue Kato and a brand new Godzilla design from legendary Ghibli animator Eiji ...

Movie Poster of the Week: The Life and Art of Paul Crifo
Above: Self-portrait sketch by Paul Crifo, circa 1970s.Paul Crifo, who passed away on September 22nd at the age of 98, was one of the great movie poster illustrators and art directors of the ’60s and ...

A week from the election, this poster harnesses the power of Native voting rights
"Our Future," a powerful new poster designed to rally Indigenous peoples to vote, was conceived by Ernesto Yerena, Arlene Mejorado and Shalene Joseph.