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Stores in central Texas are running out of medical masks after possible case of coronavirus reported
Medical supply stores in central Texas are experiencing a medical mask shortage after a Texas A&M student, having recently traveled to Wuhan, China, may have contracted coronavirus.

Super Bowl: 49ers' running back Raheem Mostert has finally found a home
Motivation comes easily for Raheem Mostert. It’s right there on a piece of paper he inspects before every game. “I actually still have the cut dates that I look at,” the 49ers’ running back said.

Former Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney Wes Adams running for Circuit Court judge
Annette DeCesaris, who ran in 2018 but lost, also filed for the judicial race. Adams and DeCesaris will face a slate of four judges running for reelection, all of whom were appointed by Republican Gov ...

More People Are Running Ultras Than Ever Before
That’s unlike the rest of the running world that has seen all race’s average ages steadily increase since 1996. When we look at the 5K to marathon, the average age goes up from 39.3 to 42.5, according ...

When Patrick Mahomes becomes a running back, will the 49ers treat him like one?
Quarterbacks who become runners become running backs. They surrender all quarterback protections. Which means that they can be hit the same way a running back can be hit. It’s a topic that came ...

Running diary of Zion Williamson's rookie season with the New Orleans Pelicans
The Zion Wiliamson era in New Orleans has begun. After missing the first half of his rookie season, the No. 1 overall pick needed just one game to put the basketball world on notice, reminding ...

Indian students trapped in Wuhan fear running out of food
Fifty-six Indian students have been trapped in Wuhan for three days, with some afraid to leave their dorm room and fearful of running out of food.

Wisconsin Badgers running back Bradrick Shaw announces he's transferring
Bradrick Shaw’s time with the University of Wisconsin football program has ended. A UW official confirmed Friday morning that the senior running back has entered the NCAA transfer portal and will be a ...

Nike's Vaporfly running shoes and tumbling records
World Athletics is set to announce the findings of a review of technology in road and track shoes by the end of January, and it is expected to change its rules in light of tumbling times recorded by ...

7 Lat Exercises That Will Help You Tap Into More Running Power
But when it comes to your running performance, there’s a major muscle group you’re probably neglecting, and they’re actually in your upper body. It’s your latissimus dorsi, or your lats, and ...

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia
The American founder of US-based militant neo-Nazi group The Base is directing the organisation from Russia, a BBC investigation has found. Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, who uses the aliases "Norman Spear" and ...

Central Texas: Medical supply stores running out of medical masks, following possible case of coronavirus
Medical supply stores in central Texas are experiencing a medical mask shortage after a Texas A&M student, having recently traveled to Wuhan, China, may have contracted coronavirus. Stores around the ...