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QUESTION: I have some old political campaign buttons that I have accumulated over the years. How can I find out the value of my collection? ANSWER: You have a lot of research ahead of you because ...

Chuck E. Cheese’s Embraces a New Form of Cheddar
Collecting arcade tokens is a “relatively new phenomenon,” says Rich Hartzog, who runs World Exonumia, an online marketplace and ... Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. ...

Penny Pinching: A History of Coin Elongation Machines
Elongated coins are part of what numismatists called exonumia, or oddball coins that don’t fit any standard definition of money. (Add wooden nickels to the list.) Although steam-powered press machines ...

Tokens that tell a way of life
As Emmanuel Magro Conti, senior curator at Heritage Malta, explains in the book’s foreword, the use of tokens instead of the official legal tender issued by the government forms part of ‘exonumia’, a ...

Doubling on 1876-CC Dime a Rarity
In any event, J. W. Fairman should have collected the $1,000 in 1840. It might be of interest to exonumia collectors (exonumia are objects that resemble money but are not designed to circulate as ...

Covington events ahead
Keith Bolz will present the show. There also will be a book signing for “OK Exonumia,” which shows tokens from every city and town in Oklahoma. A bake sale will be held along with the show. The OK ...

Bond's Value Higher With Dec. 7 Stamp
H.K. Answer: You're right that this is not strictly a numismatic question, although it does fit under the broad umbrella of exonumia, objects that resemble money but are not designed to circulate as ...