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Cassie just smiles, accustomed to the weirdness of the men she knows.] “I thought it would be a good idea to make my ashes into concrete doorstops, and then I could be part of my girls’ lives forever.

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Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Joe Gruden is suing the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell over the 'selectively leaked' emails that led to his resignation last month.

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Former WFT cheerleader accuses Dan Snyder of leaking emails
He sent over a dozen private investigators to my colleagues’ homes across the country … to show up on cheerleaders’ doorstops and ask them what their relationship with Bruce Allen was.

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He sent over a dozen private investigators to my colleagues’ homes across the country … to show up on cheerleaders’ doorstops and ask them what their relationship with Bruce Allen was.” ...

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Items labeled “black Americana” frequently include racist, dehumanizing depictions and caricatures of Black people; there are dozens of these dolls, cookie jars, piggy banks, doorstops ...