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News for Doorstops

Julie Andrews Uses Her 'Mary Poppins' Shoes As Doorstops
Julie Andrews says she uses her fave Mary Poppins shoes as doorstops in her house. And I for one I can’t think of a more magical way to accessorise your house. There are certain films that will be ...

How to Remove Door Stops
Doorstops are installed on door jambs. They are the vertical pieces, usually 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches with one beveled side. Two pieces attach vertically to the door jamb with one piece horizontal across ...

Sex Offenders Suing Police For Placing “No Trick-Or-Treat” Signs Outside Their Homes
In one of the most recent reports, it appears that a group of sex offenders in Georgia are now suing a county sheriff’s office for placing signs on their property warning children from participating ...

Doorstops and Divot Mix
Cassie just smiles, accustomed to the weirdness of the men she knows.] “I thought it would be a good idea to make my ashes into concrete doorstops, and then I could be part of my girls’ lives forever.

West Cumbrian volunteers raise £10,000 by selling animal doorstops
A Crosby woman has raised almost ten thousand pounds in the past 12 months for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by making sheep and highland cattle doorstops. Margaret Harkins' house is full of recently ...

Top 10 tips for solo travel - from doorstops to eating alone
One of the best things about traveling alone? You only have yourself to please. Whether that means having ice-cream for breakfast, or getting up before dawn to snap the perfect sunrise pic, you don't ...

Antarctica’s Icy ‘Doorstops’ Thin; Rising Seas At Risk
like doorstops. As the ice shelves thin, the massive rivers of ice behind them can surge forward into the sea. Antarctica holds enough ice, if it all melted, to raise sea levels more than 200 feet.

Decorative doorstops still popular
That was a problem when huge brass hinges held the doors. It was solved with wedges, heavy rocks or doorstops of many sizes and shapes. Cast-iron figural doorstops were made in the early 1900s but did ...

Margaret's sheep doorstops raise thousands for Hospice at Home
The indoor animals aren’t real ones of course – though like real sheep they have coats of wool. Margaret, 73, has been creating animal-shaped doorstops since January of last year. A few of them are ...

Aunt gave children doorstops after school shooting
A woman's poignant Facebook post advising parents to give children doorstops so they can obstruct shooters at school has gone viral in the wake of the Florida massacre. Katie Cornelis, from ...

Doorstops can’t be used in NY to help stop school shooters
Assemblyman Bob Oaks of Macedon says after learning that the use of doorstops is a recommendation in active shooter safety protocol, yet the state Department of Education currently does not allow ...