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News for Antiquities

Israeli archeologists find remains dating back to Sanhedrin
Israeli archeologists have found the remains of a building dating back to the time of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish legislative body that existed in the Holy Land New Testament times.

Brought back 105 Stolen Antiquities from abroad since 2014, UPA retrieved one in 10 Years: Govt
The Central government on Monday said it has brought back over 105 stolen antiquities and artefacts from different countries of the world and 94 more will be soon reaching India from the United States ...

Did Archaeologists Just Find Evidence of Hanukkah Stories?
Magen/AFP via Getty ImagesThis week marks the beginning of Hanukkah, the “festival of lights.” The holiday commemorates an event during the Maccabean revolt in the second century BCE, when the ...

Looking for a Stolen Idol? Visit the Museum of the Manhattan D.A.
Bogdanos’s crew, known officially as the Antiquities Trafficking Unit, is very much a victim of its own success. Set up in 2017, with the approval of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R.

First-Ever Remains of Sanhedrin Era Building Uncovered in Coastal City of Yavneh
Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) excavations being carried out on a massive scale in the city of Yavne have uncovered the first evidence there of a building from the time of the Sanhedrin – the su ...

Israel discovers 1,900-year-old industry building, large cemetery
An archaeologist of Israel Antiquities Authority shows a pottery at an excavation site in the central Israeli city of Yavne on Nov. 29, 2021. (Photo by Gil Cohen Magen/Xinhua) JERUSALEM, Nov. 29 ...

Egypt reopens ancient "Avenue of Sphinxes" centuries after it hosted parades for the gods
The 1.7-mile-long "Path of God," lined with more than 1,000 sphinx and ram statues, spent centuries buried by the sands of time. It was reopened with all due pomp and ceremony.

Egypt's Minister of Tourism and Antiquities on the country's tourism industry and sustainability
ANANY, EGYPTIAN MINISTER OF TOURISM AND ANTIQUITIES: We had a very good summer. The Russians resume to Egypt after six ...

The Tomb Raiders of the Upper East Side
When Matthew Bogdanos got a tip about a looted mummy coffin whose corpse had been dumped in the Nile, he approached the coffin’s buyer—the Metropolitan Museum of Art—with few of the ...

Retrieved 105 Stolen Antiquities from Abroad Since 2014, UPA Got Back One in 10 Yrs: Govt to Parliament
The Narendra Modi government has said it has brought back over 105 stolen artefacts and antiquities from abroad and 94 more will be soon reaching India from the US. The government has given a year ...

Did Archaeologists Just Find Evidence of Hanukkah Stories?
In a statement released last week, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced that they had discovered the burned wooden beams and ruins of a fortified Hellenistic structure in the Lachish ...