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This is how the special search works

The normal search on eBay sorts by the most popular articles. Since you do not know on what criteria this happens, it is possible that real bargains are not found.

Our special search sorts the items found according to the remaining time of the auctions. Thereby it is more likely that you will get a real bargain at an item which has not received any bids just before the end of the auction.

This gives you the chance to buy a little-noticed item with a few bids at a very reasonable price.

Take advantage of this opportunity to find some real bargains!

News for Maps, Atlases & Globes

Modern and Completely Correct Map of the Entire World.
This mid-17th century "modern and completely correct map" of the entire world was printed in Amsterdam by Joan Blaeu (1596-1673), a member of the Blaeu family that helped to define mapmaking during ...

Curator’s choice — Maps of the Pacific
Join curators of the Maps of the Pacific exhibition as they share their favourite items and stories around their creation and acquisition.

Gift guide: From travel to mindfulness to history, there’s a book for everyone on your list this year
Whether you’re giving to the foodie, the know-it-all or the music lover, you’ll find ideas among the 73 books in our holiday gift guide ...

Utopia - Ch 1 - Trouble in Paradise - Prologue
The Lighthouse Utopia “I’m telling you, something’s not right!” snapped Caj. “It is not like Morgan to not check in, no matter how much she parties s ...

An Around-the-World Tour in Literature
Inspired by Jules Verne's globe-circling Phileas Fogg ... British Overseas Territory Schalansky's 50-island atlas pairs meticulously drawn maps with haunting single-page descriptions that hint ...

First atlas printed in Islamic world sold for four times its estimate at auction
The first atlas printed in the Islamic world has sold for more than four times its estimate at auction, after it was discovered in an attic. The “exceptionally rare” Ottoman folio atlas by Mahmoud ...

'Atlas of Imagined Places' plots the locales of fictional Maine landmarks
8—It's no sweat these days to find maps of real-life ... planet for their new "Atlas of Imagined Places" to try to pinpoint the locale of fictional spots around the globe, including a number ...