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News for Tapestries

When you can't fire, weave! In isolation, Kendra Yee turns from ceramics to making tapestries
Using a loom and needle, she's been creating tapestries. And in this video ... Stay safe, friends! CBC Arts understands that this is an incredibly difficult time for artists and arts organizations ...

Curator reveals how a Jewish collector snuck a medieval tapestry out of Nazi Germany
But one Germany’s oldest and finest medieval tapestries eluded the Nazi leader’s grasp. The German-Jewish industrialist Ottmar Strauss defied the Nazis in a quiet act of resistance ...

Gucci to Fund Tapestries Restoration
MILAN — Ten 16th-century tapestries in Florence will return to their original home, courtesy of Gucci. Proceeds from the Gucci Museo will help create the conditions — from lighting to ...

Orange or Red weaves giant tapestries for multifunctional rooms
It is showcasing a collection of four-metre-long tapestries, named Dashes, as part of VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration. Dashes is designed in response to the increasing popularity of ...

Tapestries by Raphael return to Sistine Chapel walls after 500-year absence
A delicate operation has begun at the Vatican in preparation for tapestries by French renaissance artist Raphael to be hung, 500 years after his death. The paintings will be hung in the Sistine ...

Raphael tapestries take their rightful place in Sistine Chapel
History was being made in the chapel as the team hung ten, 6m by 5m tapestries by the Renaissance genius Raphael along the walls; the first time all have graced the chapel since the 16th century.

Raphael’s Opulent Tapestries Restored to Former Glory in Sistine Chapel
ROME – For one week only, the Sistine Chapel will be restored to its former glory with 10 magnificent tapestries by Raphael draping its walls. This is the first time the artworks of the ...

Civil Tapestries IV, 2011
This is a unique work. Claiming, “I think I’m a full-time artist, a full-time urban planner, and a full-time preacher with an aspiration of no longer needing any of those titles,” Theaster Gates makes ...

All Raphael's tapestries return to Sistine Chapel
All Raphael's tapestries return to Sistine Chapel Posted The Vatican have made an exception for a brief stay of the work of Michelangelo's Renaissance contemporary and rival, Raphael.