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News for Transportation

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President Trump named Justice Department lawyer Eric Soskin to the post amid a broader a shake-up at inspector general offices.

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Public transportation officials nationwide ask Congress for $32 billion
Public transit agencies in cities nationwide are begging Congress to set aside funding for them in the next coronavirus relief package. Without it, they may not survive. San Francisco is chief among ...

Scrambling To Boost Transportation Measure, Metro Offers Business Community a Remarkable Discount
In a remarkable email sent Aug. 5 to the Portland Business Alliance, Metro Council President Lynn Peterson offered a rich incentive to the groups that oppose Metro's proposed multi-billion ...

Trimble's Transportation Segment Reports 24% Revenue Decline
Trimble Navigation Ltd. (NASDAQ: TRMB) reported second quarter transportation revenue of $150.9 million, down 24%, compared to the second quarter of 2019, during an earnings call Wednesday.Overall, ...

Transportation Department Confirmation Hearing
Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee holds a confirmation hearing for positions in the Transportation Department, Surface Transportation board and Amtrak board. The Senate Commerce, ...

Purchase of Las Vegas Monorail could be first move in reimagining transportation in Southern Nevada
It came as a good surprise last month when Steve Hill, head of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, unexpectedly announced that the LVCVA was exploring purchasing the ...

Second transportation worker at Shen has COVID-19
Last week, school officials put out a notice informing families that a transportation worker had the illness. The district did not release information about the second case because the workers were in ...

Isaias Knocks Out Power, Public Transportation Across Northeast
More than 2 million people lost power Tuesday as Isaias brought strong winds and heavy rain to the city and to the wider Northeast.

Transportation grant asks pedestrians, bicyclists in Costa Mesa to ‘Reimagine 19th’ Street
When asked to “Reimagine 19th” Street in westside Costa Mesa, residents had many suggestions. A $9,600 grant secured by the Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets could make those ideas a reality.

NGL Energy Partners LP Announces New Acreage Dedication for Produced Water Transportation and Disposal in the Northern Delaware Basin
NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE: NGL) (“NGL” or the “Partnership”) announced today that the Partnership signed a new long-term produced water transportation and disposal agreement with a leading ...

Birmingham City Council Transportation Committee advances ordinance expanding outdoor dining areas
The Birmingham City Council Transportation Committee on Tuesday approved a shared space agreement that would extend areas outside restaurants so establishments could cater to more outdoor dining ...