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News for Coins: Ancient

Labourers find pot of ancient coins in UP district
A group of labourers, digging for a brick kiln, has found a metal pot full of coins, believed to be dating back to the Mughal-era.The coins, which were found in Pangi Khurd village in Lakhimpur ...

UP Police Takes Away Metal Pot Full of Mughal-Era Coins Found by Labourers While Digging For Brick Kiln, SHO Makes Absurd Statement
UP Police makes absurd assertion after labourers in Uttar Pradesh land with a pot of ancient coins with Persian inscriptions, while digging for a brick kiln ...

Stable and trade coins in retrospective and perspective
In the wide array of financial technologies that have come forth in the 2000s, digital currencies have received a tremendous amount of attention.

Pinpointing the origins of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
as well as a historical reliance on using material culture findings like coins or texts to estimate dates of specific monuments. In this study, Regev and colleagues focused on pinpointing the specific ...

Chemical signatures of cannabis, frankincense found on Iron Age alters in Israel
Two Iron Age alters found inside an ancient shrine in Israel once held cannabis and frankincense, according to chemical analysis of the artifacts.

Sadigh Gallery Reviews Historical Art from Across the Globe on New Site
Individuals who would like to learn more about the marvels of ancient art can now access a brand-new, free resource—a new blog site by Sadigh Gallery. On the new microsite, Sadigh Gallery reviews ...

Now’s the time to toss a coin and not look back – there’s no such thing as a right or wrong decision
I’ve been chronically indecisive in the past. I’d overthink every choice, umm-ing and ahh-ing, making detailed lists of pros and cons. And that was just about what to watch on Netflix that night.

Both sides of the coin
But the third has carefully buried his sum and when he gives the coin back, untouched, the master is enraged. After forcing the man to hand it to the servant who has earned the highest interest, he ...

Capitalism’s Perestroika Moment: Bitcoin Rises as Economic Centralization Falls
Centralization is the common element to both crony communism and unfettered capitalism. Bitcoin may provide a measure of economic self-sovereignty, but our social constructs are equally in need of ...

Why Are Common Graves Called Potter’s Fields?
After a remorseful Judas returned his payment for betraying Jesus, the high priests used it to buy the very first potter’s field.

Boudica Warrior Queen – Ultra High Relief Silver Coin From Isle of Man
Warrior Queen Isle of Man. 5 pounds. 2020. Silver .999. 3 oz. 55 mm. Antique finish. Mintage: 999. Special Technology: Smartminting© Ultra High ...

Chemical signatures of cannabis, frankincense found on Iron Age altars in Israel
Two Iron Age altars found inside an ancient shrine in Israel once held cannabis and frankincense, according to chemical analysis of the artifacts.