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News for Coins: Ancient

Ancient coins unearthed from old fort in Yamunanagar district
Six old coins were unearthed from an old fort in Sandhai village, falling under the Bilaspur subdivision of Yamunanagar district.

I’m minted! Girl, 11, digs up ancient silver coin in Jerusalem
It is an incredibly rare coin that may have been minted to fund the Jewish revolt against the Romans and bears the inscription “Holy Jerusalem”. But now the silver piece which had lain undisturbed for ...

Israeli Preteen Discovers Rare Silver Coin Minted During Jewish Revolt Against Rome
Eleven-year-old Liel Krutokop found the shekel, which dates to the second year of the first-century C.E. Great Revolt, while sifting through dirt ...

Roman coin study reveals thriving empires
A study of gold coins from different moments of the Roman Empire has revealed the thriving economy at the time of minting, according to UKRI. To reach this conclusion, researchers brought three Roman ...

Rare coins price news – 1917 Walking Liberty half dollar is worth $2,752 & rare Washington quarter is valued at $1,275
Walking Liberty half dollar is worth thousands, and a rare Washington quarter can fetch a pretty penny if you’ve got it in your collection too. A 1917 Walking Liberty half dollar ...

Haryana: More ancient coins, remains of statue found from Sandhai village in Yamunanagar
A team of Haryana Archaeology and Museum Department and Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB) found more coins, remains of statues and ...

Girl, 11, finds rare 2,000-year-old coin in Jerusalem that was minted by a priest in 68BC who joined the Jewish rebels during the Great Revolt against the Romans
Liel Krutokop, 11, found the coin while working alongside archaeologists at the City of David National Park. The silver coin features ancient markings and inscriptions of the Jewish uprising.

Chinese scientists discover remains of 128 children buried in urns in ancient Chinese funerary tradition
Scientists in northern China uncovered the remains of 128 children who had been buried inside of urns, highlighting an ancient funeral tradition.

11-year-old girl finds 2,000-year-old coin in Jerusalem
Eleven-year-old Liel Krutokop from Petah Tikva, digging in ancient dirt at the Emek Tzurim Sifting Project in Jerusalem, unearthed a pure silver shekel coin dating from the Second Temple period some 2 ...

Rare silver ‘rebel coin,’ maybe minted at Temple 2,000 years ago, found in Jerusalem
Experts suggest shekel coin may have been made by priests assisting Great Revolt against Romans, using precious metal from holy site's plentiful reserves ...

6 ancient findings in the footsteps of the Maccabees
Visitors can see 200-pound stones from the ancient mansion piled along one wall as a tangible “memorial to the Maccabee house that stood here 2,000 years ago,” Miriam Siebenberg told ISRAEL21c Sixteen ...

Girl, 11, finds 2,000-year-old coin minted by Jewish priest in 68BC who joined the Great Revolt
Liel Krutokop, 11, found the coin while working alongside archaeologists at the City of David National Park. The silver coin features ancient markings and inscriptions of the Jewish uprising.