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Slugging, or applying petroleum jelly to your face once a week, reduces inflammation, redness, and acne over time, dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah said.

Vaseline Market Size Estimation 201: Covid-19 Impact Analysis, Pricing Trends, Growth Opportunity, Regional Outlook and Forecast to 2027
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A man who's run 63 marathons swears by Vaseline to prevent painful 'joggers nipples' — even though it ruins his shirts
"Some people use Glide, some people use Band-Aids, but I got to be honest, I just get down and dirty and use Vaseline." "But the bad thing is that a lot of my shirts are ruined," he added.

Pakistan's Akram warns saliva ban will make bowlers 'robots', suggests the use of vaseline instead
"I believe that they will need to find a reasonable solution. Artificial substances like vaseline could be used to swing the ball but how much of it? "Let's see, we have this England versus the ...

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