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2020 Daily Trail Markers: Buckle up for the Senate impeachment trial
The House of Representatives delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate on Wednesday afternoon. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in remarks on the Senate floor, invited the House managers to ...

Buckle Put Spread Pays Maximum If Stock Stays Above $25 For 38 Days
Here is the trade: Buy to open 3 contracts of BKE $23.75 February 21 puts, and sell to open 3 contracts of $25 February 21 puts. You should be able to earn a net credit of $0.43 per option, which is ...

Buckle (BKE) Cheers Investors With Solid December Comps
Buckle, Inc. BKE came out with comparable store net sales (comps) for the five-week period ended Jan 4, 2020. After witnessing comps decline of 1.6% in November 2019, the metric got back on track with ...

Buckle Up Before Buying Shares In Six Flags
sunk by over 19 percent on Friday as the amusement park chain said it was likely facing revenue declines in Q4 of $8 to $10 million below the year-ago quarter and a potential year-end revenue miss of ...

Buckle Up for Another Facebook Election
By opting not to change the company’s political advertising rules, Mark Zuckerberg has ensured another election shaped by the social network. SAN FRANCISCO — If you were hoping to hear less about ...

From the Editor: Buckle up – another transportation debate is coming
Hope you enjoyed the year off, Nashville, but it’s again time to focus on the city’s transportation future. Traffic has only gotten worse in the meanwhile — what with all the new people and companies ...

Clemson streak ends as Tar Heels buckle under the weight of history
Sometimes a number is just a number. A guy scores 20 points a game, he might be the biggest ball hog in the area code. A team wins 20 games, it might have played a schedule so weak it’s embarrassing.

Is The Buckle (BKE) a Profitable Stock to Pick Right Now?
Value investing is easily one of the most popular ways to find great stocks in any market environment. After all, who wouldn’t want to find stocks that are either flying under the radar and are ...

You don’t buckle up in the back seat of ride-hailing cars and taxis? That could be a fatal mistake.
When Uber driver Oguzhan ­Beliren picks up passengers in his Hyundai Sonata, they almost always buckle up in the front seat, and if they don’t, he reminds them to. But that’s not the case in the rear.

Mellman: Democrats — Buckle up for a wild ride
For a year, everyone has been repeating a familiar refrain: “It’s too early” to know how the contest for the Democratic nomination will shape up, let alone shake out.

Girls basketball: Lady Falcons set to ‘buckle down’ for district play
The Lady Falcons’ only points of the first quarter came on a 3-pointer by junior Kelly Farrell with 20 seconds left in the period. They were unable to overcome that slow start as the Hargrave Falcons ...