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News for Mixed Media Art & Collage Art

Meet Angelica Contreras, a social justice-oriented mixed media artist
While painting life-size mascots is fun, Contreras prefers to dig into her own history and role in the world to curate her meaningful pieces.

Mixed Media (acrylic on board, collage, iron), 2018
This is a unique work. here is depicted a man who does not close and defends himself, but on the contrary wide opens his chest and even bared his heart. But it is so difficult to find key to his heart ...

Revisiting the Question “What Is Feminist Art?”
Building on an influential 1977 feminist exhibition, the Smithsonian’s updated edition takes a more inclusive approach, adding further nuance to the question of how and who gets to define feminist art ...

An Eye for Art: Collage artist Nikolas Vincent ‘transcending the quarantine,’ hopes to own gallery one day
Vincent thought mosaics would present a challenge that he might enjoy. His first one was a lion. However, he initially hated the process. But, after seeing the result and realizing that look could not ...

Juried art show
Mitchell Bryant doesn’t know why his entry won Best of Show in the Janice Mason Art Museum’s Biennial Juried Show 2020.

RGB- Framed Contemporary POP Art Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg Supreme Court Justice, 2020
This piece is a tribute to the late supreme court powerhouse Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Smith uses her street art collage style with a delicate background to create her tribute to the supreme court justice.

Glen Arbor Arts Center: ‘Power Tools’ of Expression
The arts give us POWERFUL tools of expression.” This is the main theme of the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s latest exhibit – ‘Power Tools’. From now through November 5, you can see the works of 17 artists ...

Works by 570 Wichitans included in Wichita Art Museum’s “Foot in the Door” exhibit
As Wichita Art Museum staff and volunteers accepted submissions for “Foot in the Door” during three days last week, they couldn’t stop gushing about the variety, quality and creativity of the artwork ...

KIFA issues call for artists
Kent Island Federation of Arts will present a multi-media show honoring veterans with literary writings, poems, and all visual media including painting, drawing, mixed-media, collage, sculpture, decor ...

Your Concise Los Angeles Art Guide for October 2020
1975), mixed media collage, 15 x 18 inches (image courtesy the artist and Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, California, photo by Alan Shaffer) Art spaces across Los Angeles are busy putting together ...

SoNo Arts Festival continues this year in new fashion
Rather than hold an outdoor event that would need to be gated for crowd control, the festival is being held in Washington Street's vacant storefronts.

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - Creativity in the time of lockdown
Tuli Mekondjo - A Namibian self-taught artist, Tuli works with mixed media (embroidery, collage ... Rakeb Sile - Co-founder of Addis Fine Art, a pioneering gallery based in Addis Ababa and London.