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News for Tobacciana

This Guy Built His Own Smoking Lounge Behind a Secret Bookcase
Oh, and the dude's epic collection of tobacciana and pipes. Though the space is only 5 feet by 12 feet, it's quite cozy. There's a coal chute that can be propped open and in which a fan can be ...

How To Build A World-Class Sports Memorabilia Collection From Scratch
A few months ago on eBay, he bought a Mr. Met (the team mascot) cigarette lighter that plays the team’s theme song, “Meet the Mets,” which was hidden in the “tobacciana” and “lighters” categories ...

Libraries’ Surprising Special Collections
The New York Public Library maintains the world's largest collection of tobacciana, materials related in some way to tobacco's history, use, and mystique. Donor George Arents came from a Virginia ...

Collectors Repurpose Ashtrays
Your ashtrays appeal to collectors of jasperware and also Tobacciana. They were made in the mid 1900s and can be found selling for $15 to $25 each. Q: I have enclosed the mark that is on the bottom of ...

The Exploding Value Of Fireworks
Those old fireworks you thought were duds may be worth something. The Saturday Early Show's Collectibles Expert Tony Hyman says even the package they came in could be valuable. July 3, 1776, said John ...

Where There's Smoke, There Are Buyers
Prizes like the mermaid went to a small group of buyers assembled by Ben Rapaport, a Reston, Va. authority on tobacciana collecting and the author of five books on antique pipes and related topics.

Some Cereal Boxes Are Keepers
His email address is paulscharf@tobacciana.com. Hyman also had some insight into the value of two arcade-style amusement machines that belong to Saturday Morning viewer David Robinson of Massachusetts ...