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News for Musical Instruments & Gear

Chicago’s instrument industry helps the world make music
Chicago has had a role not only in shaping the sound of popular music for more than a century, but also in who’s made it and how.

Nearly $10K in Instruments and Musical Gear Stolen From Chicago Band
A Chicago band is looking for assistance to make music once again after quite a devastating blow. Musician David Paige of the band Student Body said that close to $10,000 worth of musical equipment ...

Charity orchestra loses £60k in ‘devastating blow’ as van of musical instruments is stolen
The People’s Orchestra suffered a disastrous end to its recording weekend, when the musicians’ instrument van was stolen.

"Music is medicine for the soul. I want to always stay in touch with sound." - Sara Suzuki
Music has always been at Sara’s side ever since she was a child. Whenever she listens to music, she feels positive and happy.

Music store hits a new note
A philanthropically-minded, local “white knight” has come to the rescue of Cape Ann’s only shop selling musical instruments.

Orchestra which starred on BBC has van with £60k of instruments and equipment stolen
Birmingham city centre theft labelled a 'disaster' by The People's Orchestra charity, which was recording new music for the Commonwealth Games ...

Redwood Valley Grange to host Fourth Annual Music Gear Swap
The Redwood Valley Grange is sponsoring the Fourth Annual Music Gear Swap to be held on Saturday, Jan. 29 at the Grange, 8650 East Road, Redwood Valley, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

COLUMN: Tahlequah needs to welcome more music
Food, music, art, interesting shops – it’s the downtown vibe, right? A couple of weeks ago, I was in a conversation with a few folks about what might enhance our ...

Prairie Fare: Enjoy the health benefits of music
If I had been cleaning my office, energetic music would have motivated me. The clicking sound of my keyboard punctuated the silence. After I finished my projects, I tuned my radio ...

Bob Marley-inspired football jersey launched by Ireland club
Bohemian Football Club (Bohemian FC), in collaboration with the Marley family and Bravado, Universal Music Group's global merchandise division has announced the release of the Irish club's 2022 away ...

Buffalo is now an Epicenter for Gamelan Music
Buffalo is known for a lot of things, but were you aware that it's known as one of the epicenters of gamelan (pronounced ga · muh · lon, with an initial soft 'A') music, outside of Indonesia? It's an ...

Live Music Market: USD 2.83 Billion Growth between 2020-2025 | Research Insights Highlight Increased Use of Mobile Apps as Key Driver - Technavio
Revenue (Tickets, Sponsorship, and Merchandising), and Genre (Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, EDM, and Others) - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025" report has been added to Technavio's offering. With ISO 9001:2015 ...