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Walmart plans to roll out its first self-serve advertising tools to steal away Amazon's core advertisers. Here's everything we know about it.
The tools signal Walmart's big ambitions to grow its advertising business, which has relied on direct relationships with sales reps up until now.

Facebook, Instagram Challenge Paypal With New Donation Tools
“I don’t know who came up with the [automated monthly donations] thing, but that was also a game-changer because our monthly donors are going up.” The new donation tools play an important role in ...

Homeis adds community tools for Mexican immigrants
Homeis, a startup building networking tools for immigrant communities, officially launched its community for Mexican immigrants this week. Co-founder and CEO Ran Harnevo (pictured above) previously ...

ECB's Knot: more caution needed on unconventional tools
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The European Central Bank should exercise more caution in deploying unconventional tools with poorly understood effects or if their use fuels complacency among other ...

Need to edit photos on a Chromebook? Here are the best tools for the job
You get two options with Polarr; free or paid subscription ($3.50 per month). The free version gives you access to basic light, color, and cropping tools. Paid users can enjoy a more advanced ...

Planning for a possible recession: Lessons and tools for an uncertain future
And as a practical matter, how can regulators and market players around the world be prepared for the potential economic disruptions ahead? What are some of the tools at their disposal? At Bloomberg’s ...

Genetic engineering tools produce better-modified plants faster, easier
NC State researchers have produced a new set of genetic tools to make recombineering of plant genes faster and easier. They shared their methods in a recent paper published in the journal Plant Cell.

Apple's head of marketing slammed Chromebooks, calling them 'cheap testing tools' and saying kids who use them in school won't succeed
Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller made a dig at Google Chromebooks, saying they're only good for test-taking.

From kitchen tools to books, gifts for young chefs
Options include: Raddish (think Rad Dish). Each month, a new kit arrives at your door filled with recipes, tools and activities that incorporate science, math, geography, language arts, nutrition and ...

3 great hair styling tools you'll want to blow all your money on
TL;DR: Buy the essential iHome vanity mirror with Bluetooth audio capabilities for $49.88 at Walmart. You save 38% on its regular price, plus you can also find other early Black Friday deals on hair ...

Google Maps translation tools aim to help travelers in foreign countries
Google is bringing new translation tools to the Maps app. Google says it wants to help people when they're traveling in other countries and don't know the language very well. The search giant on ...

Fed considering number of tools in event of downturn, Clarida says
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve is looking at any additional methods that may be useful in the event of a downturn which forces the central bank to lower rates back near zero, Federal ...