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News for Vases

These luxury vases are made from skilled glass blowers and the process is just amazing
It takes great concentration and technique to be able to handle such hot and time sensitive materials. Glass blowing is a serious art and is very entertaining to watch.

Complete Series BD & Digital
Yakuza member Nitta is living his best life, enjoying the hefty income he makes by indulging in his favorite things, which include a collection of high-class pottery vases, when it all comes crashing ...

Why We Need Greta Gerwig
The visualization of daily life; runny breakfast eggs, sharpie scribbles on a pink bedroom wall, gathered bramble in vases that mock valuable floral arrangements. Life’s little details ...

Vases probably designed to be mantel decorations
Dear Helaine and Joe: This pair of vases belonged to my husband’s grandmother. We inherited them when she died and are wondering if they are valuable. They are marked “England” along with some numbers ...

Fill your home with flowers by arranging blooms in small vases
(Mass Appeal) – Having fresh flowers in your home is a nice touch, especially this time of year. Instead of creating one large bouquet in a vase, maximize the look of your flowers by creating mini ...

Paint and Porcelain: Art exhibit celebrates Decatur's history, culture and nature
Images of historic buildings, native birds, flowers and crops, steam engines and iconic structures adorned the plates, platters, vases and tiles. Created by area porcelain artists, the pieces ...

Column: A stitch in time — social justice issues spelled out in cloth
Lou Reed Craft has its roots in the production of useful objects such as vessels and vases, utensils, and furniture. It is also firmly entrenched in decoration and adornment of all kinds, from jewelry ...

PHOTOS: Getting creative
Weston Glass Studio is nestled in the heart of the historic crafting community in Berea. Within its walls, visitors can browse different wares, such as vases, jewelry and more, made in the studio. All ...

Rolando's Cuban Restaurant
Rolando's is looking a little more formal and dressed up these days, but that's about it. Tables are draped with flowing cloths and decorated with vases of roses. Wait staff are friendly but reserved ...

More than $100,000 worth of vases stolen from cemeteries
More than $100,000 worth of vases have been stolen off gravestones in cemeteries in Wisconsin. Washington County Memorial officials had noticed about 50 bronze vases had been taken from the cemetery.

More than $100,000 worth of vases stolen from cemeteries
More than $20,000 worth of vases were stolen from one cemetery alone More than $20,000 worth of vases were stolen from one cemetery alone More than $20,000 worth of vases were stolen from one cemetery ...