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'Heartwarming and overwhelming': Crafters show their love for wildlife
Crafters are making supplies for injured wildlife by the crate load and public donations to ... joey pouches and little crocheted birds’ nests in her spare time. “I grew up doing a little bit of ...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Provides Wild Facts About That Thanksgiving Bird
National wildlife refuges are great places to find wild turkeys whether for bird watching or hunting. Refuge trails generally are open sunrise to sunset, many even on Thanksgiving Day when refuge ...

How you can help look after wildlife this winter
How can you help? Obsessive tidying in the garden often leads to a loss of hibernation sites and food supplies for a range of wildlife. For example dead stems from flowering plants provide cover for ...

World’s Oldest Known Wild Bird Returns to Midway Atoll In Time for Thanksgiving, USFWS Announces
Come in and let us help You Relax" 'Click' for More Info: 'Chocolate Soup', Fine… 'Click' for More Info: 'Chocolate Soup', Fine Home Accessories and Gifts ... a Laysan albatross and the world's oldest ...

Black Swan Lake: bird rescued as drought drain remaining water
After a five-year battle, turf club officials and wildlife warriors have joined forces to organise water supplies after a female ibis was stuck in the mud at the ... It’s horrific out there. There are ...

Edmonds Demo Garden to host ‘Making Gifts for Birds and Bird Lovers’ workshop Dec. 8
The Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Demonstration Garden will present its last workshop of the year, “Making Gifts for Birds and Bird ... per person to cover costs of supplies and materials.

Bird life abounds across the western district, an unusual sight for the start of summer
For one of the few occasions in the past 20 years, the region's lakes and dams have plentiful supplies of water at the start of summer ... The Courier's nature columnist Roger Thomas says this year ...

GREAT OUTDOORS: Snags are beneficial to woodland critters
Wildlife biologist Joel D. Glover suggests, “Have you ever considered the benefits of a dead tree?” Dropping a dead tree is logical if it is positioned to threaten people or property. However, a snag ...

Birds of prey program slated
A Place Called Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers along with donations of time, supplies and money from supporters. One of the goals at A Place Called Hope, Inc. is ...

FAWNA amid arranging wildlife food supply collection points
Wildlife rescue group FAWNA ... and also some wild bird seed. "We expect to have this program rolling out over the coming weeks once the major roads are open and the ordered supplies can be shipped to ...