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News for Chalkware

Chalkware an affordable alternative to pricey pottery
The marking reads "Hawata" and "1211." Can you tell me anything about it? A. This is a chalkware bust. Chalkware is made of plaster or plaster of Paris. Sometimes called "poor man's Staffordshire ...

What's It Worth? Swedish work table, Asian bronze vase, chalkware plaques, Art Nouveau-style vase, Chinese letter box
At auction, your piece might sell for $70-$100. These appear to be chalkware wall plaques, probably manufactured around 1930-1950. American chalkware is made of molded, gypsum-based plaster ...

These peddlers sold plaster figurines painted in bright colors. These figures, called "chalkware," were made from molds and then painted. Originally they were commercial products made in small ...

It Happens Here: Sutton Folk Art Store Delights Consumers With Handmade Christmas Decorations
They’re starting a tradition.” The handcrafted pieces begin to take shape when a chalkware mix is poured into antique chocolate molds that date back as far as 1850. Every piece is carefully ...

6 Can’t-Miss Art Events in New York This Week
Expert ceramist Micol Hernandez will lead Chalkware, an event dedicated to figurines. All materials are provided. DETAILS: The American Folk Art Museum, 2 Lincoln Square. 6 – 8:30 PM.

Crowds turn out for 53rd Fox Valley Antiques Show
Along with the chance to shop, attendees got the chance to attend four five-minute "Antiques School" sessions-on country store antiques, Pennsylvania Chalkware, early lighting, and changes in the ...

Breaking out of the mold
Over the years, he has sold hand-painted chalkware pieces to former first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Nancy Reagan and has seen his work included in a holiday display at the White House.

Remembering some of the wacky Minnesota State Fair fads from the past
The State Fair sold its own chalkware Fairchild mascot piggy banks as a throwback in the 1970s or ’80s. Little-known fact - State Fair vendors aren’t allowed to give away stickers, because ...

Adding my two cents to the modern Chinese cuisine at Two Penny
Visuals include large scrolls printed with images from vintage Chinese cigarette cards, a nice collection of 1950s Asian kitsch chalkware, and lots and lots of plants. By the end of your meal you ...

Mego: Manger scene, regardless of who's included and how they look, always means Christmas
I think the figures are made of some sort of moulded plaster of Paris, the kind of stuff that used to be called chalkware. The stable is dark wood, with an open central area that holds the manger ...