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News for Publications & Supplies

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I never would have dreamed that one of the many fault lines in our society would be who wore a face mask and who didn't.

Morgan Stanley to Invest $10M in NY Loan Fund: Coronavirus Aid Roundup
Morgan Stanley will make an investment of $10 million to support the New York Forward Loan Fund, part of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s initiative to reinvigorate New York’s small businesses and critical ...

IEA: Clean energy progress after the Covid-19 crisis will need reliable supplies of critical minerals
If world governments continue to demand cleaner technologies be used for their energy supplies, whether for highly efficient fossil fuel power plants or renewable sources, the world should expand the ...

Accelerating COVID-19 research
Research Accelerator Fund will provide immediate support to Carolina’s COVID-19 research teams. Carolina is on the frontlines of COVID-19 research. As one of the first research facilities in the U.S.

What the 50 richest Americans have given for Covid-19 relief
CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: The owner of Advance Publications — the media conglomerate whose properties include Condé ... Money from Griffin and his partners has bought medical supplies for workers in China ...

Artists Invited To Participate In Lawrence Hopewell Trail Project
The Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s Art on the Trail program launched on Monday with the goal of creating and sharing art inspired by the trails.

Research & Commentary: Fracking Revolution Saved Illinois Residents and Businesses $24 Billion Over Past Decade
Consequently, residents and businesses in the Land of Lincoln saved more than $24 billion from 2007 to 2017. In 2017, residential natural gas prices were one quarter lower in Illinois than 10 years ...

Wisconsin sees its largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases and its first children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome
Wisconsin sees a record single-day increase in coronavirus cases and its first cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.

The Navajo Nation and Coronavirus: Planting Hope Amid a Plague
Older generations on the Navajo Nation have passed down stories of scourges, resilience — and survival. New generations are bringing the tales to life ...

Shop Museum of Natural History’s Gift Collection at Online Store
The store offers a variety of curated gifts, apparel, art books and supplies, stationery, drinkware, museum publications, children’s books, non-fiction books, Dibblee Geologic Maps, puzzles and ...

Who Owns Patients’ Data?
a charge for supplies, such as media and postage; and a charge for preparation of a summary of the medical record. 4 Access to patient data has been further extended in terms of patient convenience.

7 Dental Stocks to Buy for Long-Term Gains
Many dentists went out of commission amid the novel coronavirus, but as they open back up, consider these dental stocks to buy.