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bird houses and a water feature. Tubular flowers like honeysuckle or scarlet gilia will attract hummingbirds, and a bath or water feature with running water is attractive to all birds. Feeders are ...

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Bird houses serve as shelters and nesting locations ... tailed deer and mice to your yard (mice often pursue fallen bird feeder seed), you may be introducing more deer ticks to your property ...

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Fill the feeders with a seed mix that includes safflower ... If you must remove the nest immediately, move it to a basket or birdhouse placed close to the original nesting site.

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Bird feeders can range from the elaborate to the simple; I lean toward the simple. Bird houses are problematic ; for instance, Blue Birds need a house with a specifically sized entrance ...

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The birdseed in our feeders helps insure that more of the ... They are cavity nesters and will use a birdhouse, but need a 2.5-inch entrance hole. My coworker Nicole’s husband has been working ...

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You can draw some winter color to your yard if you put out a bird feeder and keep it filled with sunflower seeds... The duck has a hood (1/15/17) These two ducks are a pair of hooded mergansers.

Nine great gift ideas for your favorite bird-watchers
Egg birdhouse, $200 at jschatz.com 5 ... Squirrel-Be-Gone II country style bird feeder (above) by Perky-Pet, $34.28, order online for pickup at The Home Depot, 615 Arsenal Street, Watertown ...