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News for Pottery & Glass

Red Rose Hand Blown Glass Flower
Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns, Item model number: e12_37649_A6L, Including the memory function for the last adjusted brightness and light color. Our tutus are made ...

Ready Paint Fire! is closing its doors
Breckenridge’s Ready Paint Fire! is shutting its doors after a decade of bringing art in the form of pottery and painting to the community. Owner Bethany Smith said that square footage is ...

Winners list: Oklahoma's Red Earth Festival honors Native American artists
Red Earth Festival still honored several participating artists in a variety of categories at a Sept. 5 awards show.

Hancock Arts exhibit showcases glass, pottery
Hancock Arts will premiere a new exhibit, “All that Sparkles,” a glass and pottery show with an artists’ reception at 6:30 p.m. today (Friday, Sept. 11) at the Twenty North Gallery, 20 N. State St.

Red Earth inspiration: Native American festival names 2020 award winners
Coker is creating her signature artworks, the gloves inevitably come off. "I'll start with gloves on, but without you even realizing it, in a few minutes, those gloves are off because you can't grab ...

Inside Business: Earthwood galleries represent 250 American artists
Ron and Ann Wilcocks are partners in business and in life. Married for 36 years, the couple moved to Estes Park 20 years ago and plunged into the art gallery business. They co-own Earthwood ...

Swift: Zoom, there it is! Video meetings let us ‘see-vesdrop’ into other’s lives
That person with the single small print on one wall and a chrome apple on a white end table behind them? Obviously a minimalist. The one whose living room looks like a Pottery Barn catalog? She ...

Old Satsuma vase made in Meiji period sells for over $14,000
Satsuma pottery is from Japan ... is a piece of furniture with drawers in the lower half and a top cabinet with glass doors protecting shelves for books. But in some places the words are ...

Ralph Lauren x Burleigh pottery collection debuts for fall from just $24
Ralph Lauren x Burleigh new fall collection just debut with three prints of pottery. England's Burleigh Pottery has been thoughtfully crafted by ...

Cairns Pottery Club coming out of COVID hibernation with new creative classes
Crafty pottery enthusiasts are breaking out of COVID ... Kuranda art instructor Kate Prynne will guide students through turning moulding glass into bowls, dishes, plates and more.