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Doom Eternal: All the Best Easter Eggs and References
This is an old, deep cut, but this creepy-looking toothy fish is actually a "Dopefish," an enemy in a classic 1991 Shareware game called Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy. The Dopefish was adequately ...

Apollo 11 Situations: John Romero on Porting Doom and Wolfenstein 3D
Working at id Software in the 1990s was like working inside a bunker, only with more pizza, soda, and video games. The studio started small and remained small through development of Commander Keen, ...

A new Commander Keen game has been unveiled – but only for mobile
A new Commander Keen game is coming – but it’s only on Android and iOS. The news – which for those of us who still remember the original Commander Keens is a little shocking and a little ...

commander keen
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Commander Keen 1-3 Cheats
ALT-2-ENTER: enables cheat mode. F10-G: toggles god mode. F10-W: level skip. F10-J: high jump. F10-N: toggles no clipping mode. F10-I: grants free items. F10-T: displays sprite test. F10-D ...

Commander Keen 4 Cheats
I know how to end the whole game instantly. Just hold E+N+D and then you will see Commander Keen talking to the last person, then you get to see the ending.

Doom Eternal secrets guide: Doom Hunter Base maps and locations
From there, jump and air dash over and follow the pathway around, down, and then back up until you reach the top of the structure. Drop into the machine to grab the album: KEEN - Shadows Don’t Scare ...

DOOM Eternal: Easter Eggs Guide | Tie-In Novel Trash, Dopefish, Unmaker & More
These tracks have their own Easter egg artwork — in Mission 4, you’ll find Commander Keen’s helmet on an album cover. Commander Keen was the very first IP the developers at id Software created.

DOOM Eternal Review – This Machine Kills Demons
and Commander Keen. There’s even cheat codes that you can activate when you replay levels, granting your infinite ammo, extra lives, all rune upgrades, and more. There are also in-level and ...

Commander Keen: Keen Dreams source code released to be poked and prodded at
Before Wolfenstein and Doom id made a game more devilish, more monstrous, more nefarious than you could tentatively imagine: Commander Keen. You played as an 8-year-old boy flung across the galaxy ...