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News for Pokemon

Professional Trainer Mistakes Pokémon Symbols for Gender Symbols in Viral Video
A viral TikTok shows that a professional development trainer confused Pokémon Unown symbols for gender identity and sexual orientation symbols in an embarrassing mishap.

Pokemon Cosplay Is Ready For Action With Sir Fetch'd
The Galar Region has introduced Pokemon trainers to several new pocket monsters that populate the wild areas of this new locale, one of the most popular being Sir Fetch'd, the evolved form of Far ...

Katy Perry Announces 'Electric' Song Collab With Pokémon
Katy Perry revealed her official collaborative single with Pokémon will be titled "Electric" and released on Friday, she announced on Tuesday (May 11).

This Fan-Made Pokemon Concept Video Shows a More Radical Diamond & Pearl Remake
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are faithful remakes of the original games, but this concept video envisions a radical overhaul.

Lightship is Niantic's new tool for creating Pokemon Go-style AR experiences
A new beta opens up large-scale social AR tools to indie creators. The same tools that let people run around gathering Pokemon in the park could be opening up to many more people soon. Developer ...

Pokemon GO Eevee evolution names and tricks: Updated for Sylveon!
The latest version of Pokemon GO with an update from Niantic showed how Sylveon will finally appear as an evolution of Eevee. This is the latest of 8 possible evolutions of Eevee, including ...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Update Live, Full Patch Notes Released
Pokemon Sword and Shield version 1.3.2 has been released on Nintendo Switch, bringing some new changes to help with the overall experience. The update is fairly small in the grand scheme of things, ...

Fan Creates Mockup Trailer for Open-World Pokemon Game
An animator has created a beautiful mockup trailer for an open-world Pokemon game similar to the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Arlo May 2021 - Gardevoir and Infernape Weakness and Counters
So, if you’re looking for help, here’s how to beat Arlo in May 2021, looking at their Pokemon’s weaknesses and best counters. Arlo always starts with Beldum, before switching it up in slot two and ...

Is Dratini shiny in Pokémon Go?
Pokémon is about catching ’em all, and in Pokémon Go that means catching every variant, including rare Shiny versions of Pokémon. Every Tuesday in Pokémon Go, players will see a specific Pokémon ...

Pokemon GO Sylveon release date and instructions
The biggest Eevee event ever appearing in Pokemon GO will appear on May 18. This is the Luminous Legends Y event, Part 1 and 2. This event will deliver the first-ever appearance of Yveltal in ...

Katy Perry Teases Her Pokemon Celebration Song Is Coming Soon
On May 10, a Spotify user came across a cryptic message in a playlist created by Katy Perry teasing the fast-approaching release of her Pokemon 25th Anniversary song. The message was discovered when ...