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Rosamund Pike in "I Care a Lot" and six more recommendations if you love an antiheroine
Fictional male antiheroes have reigned for some time, but the anti-heroine has only more recently had the opportunity to rise up -- and become the cause of her own downfall.

‘I Care a Lot’ Costume Designer Deb Newhall on Styling Rosamund Pike
Sophisticated, bold, flashy and a bit of a shark is how costume designer Deb Newhall describes Rosamund Pike’s character Marla Grayson in the Netflix dark comedy “I Care a Lot.” On Sunday, Pike ...

Iowa police detonate live pipe bomb found in parking lot of special election polling place
The incident disrupted voting in a special election for the Ankeny Community School District for about three hours, officials said.

China Has A Nuclear-War Schoolhouse—It’s Getting A Lot Bigger
The Chinese nuclear force trains it missileers at a sprawling site near the city of Jilantai in north-central China. The site is getting bigger.

Rosamund Pike Says ‘I Care A Lot’ Has ‘Reawoken Conversations About Conservatorship’
Rosamund Pike has a track record of getting audiences talking with her daring performances — but an unexpected bonus from her Golden Globe-winning turn in “I Care A Lot” has been ...

Oil prices have a lot higher to go, says Tom McClellan
Tom McClellan, editor of the McClellan Market Report, says the rise in oil prices will not be short-lived. "Oil prices lag about 19 to 20 months, so we still have many more months to come," McClellan ...

Microsoft’s new Outlook calendar board view looks a lot like Trello
Microsoft is making its first significant change to the Outlook calendar view in years. A new Outlook calendar board view is coming soon to Outlook for the web, and it works a lot like Trello. It’s a ...

Ron Rivera talks a lot about culture. No one embodied it more than Alex Smith.
Alex Smith has said his return was a problem for the team’s new coach, Ron Rivera. But in coming back from his horrific injury, all Smith did was exemplify the culture Rivera sought to create.

Hennessy Funds: A small move in rates means a lot to the stock market
Josh Wein of Hennessy Funds discusses whether Monday's big moves in equities is sustainable, and which companies in sectors such as utilities offer strong opportunities.

Kevin Stefanski on the Browns in 2021: ‘We go back to square one; We have a lot of work to do’
Kevin Stefanski’s marching orders to his players after the loss to Kansas City in the AFC Divisional round was to feel the sting for awhile and use it as motivation to come back better, stronger and ...

'This job is a lot right now': Nevada's first responders experience more stress during COVID-19
Everyone experienced added stress during the pandemic, but how has it affected first responders when they already work a stressful job?