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Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod
which led to third parties selling controller mod kits on eBay. The AcidMods team has figured out a new way to enable rapid fire using just a momentary switch and the necessary wire to hook it up.

The Best PS5 Controllers You Can Buy – Updated Jan., 2023
Sony DualSense Controller Ready to ramp things up for your favorite FPS games on PS5? Then you need the SCUF Reflex FPS. This is the DualSense modded ... stick tension, rapid fire mods and macros.

How To Pair A PS5 Controller To Your PC
To assist those who might be new to PC gaming, here's everything we know about using a PS5 controller on a PC! We highly recommend using a wired connection for more intense games that require ...

PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge review: a true pro PS5 controller, for a price
There’s a dirty secret about PS5 controllers: No matter how great a third-party one is, a Sony-developed one is always going to be best-in-class. That’s not because the company produces better ...

Best cheap PS5 DualSense Controller deals – January 2023
We’ve gathered the best cheap PS5 DualSense Controller deals so that you can easily replace your worn-out and beaten controllers. With HBO’s The Last of Us causing a soar in popularity for ...

PS5: How To Use A PS4 Controller On PS5
The DualSense controller is the primary gamepad for the Playstation 5. That said, despite word from Sony saying that the PS5 would not be compatible with previous PlayStation controllers ...

How to reset a PS5 DualSense controller
There could be a few different reasons you might want to try to reset your DualSense controller for the PS5. Maybe it’s not working right or maybe you just can’t pair it with anything.

You shouldn't bother with a PS5 Pro controller, the DualSense is just too good
There’s a growing market for PS5 Pro controllers, not least Sony’s own DualSense Edge. You may consider picking up an advanced gamepad, tempted by customizable rear paddles, slip-resistant ...

PS5: Why Is My PS5 Controller Not Charging?
The DualSense controller is one of the most impressive gamepads ever made in terms of its features. That said, while the PS5 controller was able to impress players with its haptic feedback ...

PS5 DualSense Edge Controller review: amazing features for next-level gamers
The PS5 DualSense Edge wireless is Sony's first-ever pro-level controller, and it packs a serious punch, with tons of customisation options and a premium feel. This next-level PS5 controller ...