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Smith: Focusing on Facebook and Google’s monopoly misses the point
If there’s any case for antitrust action against Big Tech right now, it probably has to do with the acquisition of upstart competitors.

We Review Monopoly Speed, House Divided, & Longest Game Ever
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, getting together with friends for a quick game of Monopoly was put on the shelf, literally.

Alcohol Sales Jump Everywhere But Pennsylvania, Where A Government Monopoly Has Depressed Commerce
Pennsylvania's arcane government-run liquor monopoly, coupled with Governor Tom Wolf’s mass closure of state-run spirits retailers this spring, something that did not occur in other states where state ...

New Pac-Man Monopoly Game Comes With A Tiny Arcade Cabinet
In celebration of Pac-Man's 40th anniversary, Hasbro is releasing a new version of Monopoly that sounds pretty darn cool. The Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man Game comes with a tiny arcade cabinet that serves ...

Group Behind Golden Globe Awards Accused of Monopoly Conduct
The press group that organizes the annual Golden Globe awards was accused of excluding journalists that might compete with its members.

De La Fuente: 2-Party Monopoly Is Stifling the Progress of America; Presidential Candidate Says New Voice, New Vision Can Bring Change
Alliance Party and Reform Party presidential candidate Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente today called on the voters to reject the failed two-party monopoly on government and to embrace reforms mandated ...

How Congress could take on 'monopoly power' in Big Tech
Lawmakers told Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon their clout could be illegal. What can Washington do about it?

ProtonMail founder: Apple uses monopoly to “hold all of us hostage”
The developer behind secure email service ProtonMail today came out swinging against the way Apple allegedly uses its App Store to control access to iOS users and cut out competitors. The company is ...

Anti-Monopoly Fund Funnels $1 Million into Antitrust Efforts
A group pushing for more competitive markets is funneling more than $1 million into initiatives that promote stronger antitrust enforcement as U.S. regulators examine whether Silicon Valley’s biggest ...

Anti-Monopoly Fund Funnels $1 Million To Boost Antitrust Actions
An anti-big tech coalition is funneling more than $1 million into initiatives that promote stronger antitrust enforcement as U.S. regulators examine whether Silicon Valley’s biggest companies have too ...

Focusing on Facebook and Google’s Monopoly Misses the Point
The heads of four of the U.S.’s biggest technology companies — Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc. Facebook Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. — appeared before Congress earlier this week to respond to criticism that ...