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Citi Lawyer Cites Mystery Bank He Says Made Even Bigger Flub
(Bloomberg) -- A lawyer for Citigroup Inc. told a federal judge on Friday he was aware of another big bank that had recently made an even larger payment error than its own $900 million transfer to ...

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The odd thing, though, is that the story behind the YouTube premiere song and the identity of the person (or people, or something else) who made it is mostly a mystery. Some answers about the ...

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Tiffany "New York" Pollard first hit the scene looking for a man -- Flavor Flav, specifically -- on "Flavor of Love." 15 years later, she's finally locked one down. The HBIC of reality TV revealed ...

Mystery Plant: Not so fast, weed slayers; this bloom isn't what it appears
Some imaginative French persons used to liken the teeth to those of a lion, and voilà — “Dents de lion.” So that’s where the English common name comes from.

Mystery About How Particles Behave Outside a Black Hole Photon Sphere Solved With String Theory
A paper by the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU) Director Ooguri Hirosi and Project Researcher Matthew Dodelson on the string theoretical effects outside the ...

Wrestling Top 20 remains a mystery as cancellations wipe out final week
COVID-19 outbreaks and pandemic-related issues mostly stopped the high school wrestling season from reaching its final-week crescendo. Instead of fireworks on the mat, we got a plate of spaghetti ...

Reader seeks help identifying mystery cat
Down in Heiberger, Alabama, Bangor Daily News reader Rusty Fondren has stumbled upon some kind of cat, and he'd like your help identifying it.

The Woman in the Window trailer: Long-delayed Amy Adams mystery film that was reshot for being too ‘confusing’
The film, which was reshot after test screenings declared the film too confusing, will now debut on Netflix a year and a half after it was originally due to be released in October 2019. Amy Adams ...

South Carolina shooting: Phillip Adams' motivation remains mystery as police reveal 911 calls
A motive behind the murder of five people in South Carolina, including a prominent doctor, remained scant Thursday as authorities continued their investigation into suspect Phillip Adams – who later ...

Servite athletic director answers mystery about Trinity League football scheduling
Servite High’s football team doesn’t shy away from challenges but when it comes to recent Trinity League scheduling, the Friars have faced an extra obstacle. This spring, and in 2019, Servite has ...