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News for Painting

'I obey time': The artist who spent three decades on a single painting
South Korean artist Myonghi Kang began "Le temps des camélias" in the late 1980s, but it would be another 30 years before the impulsive painter was satisfied with the work.

Welcome to Gruber Painting - The Silicon Valley Painting Contractor
Joel Gruber, Founder of Gruber Painting in Silicon Valley, California, is pleased to announce that he has recently updated his website with an in-depth blog that will help current and future customers ...

Art Conservators Discover Hidden Gorky Painting
The Arshile Gorky Foundation sent a work by the early Abstract Expressionist out for routine conservation, the single work came back as two after conservators discovered a painting hidden behind a ...

Painting restorations reveal surprises at these sites
The restoration of an old painting, when properly carried out, can reveal startling new aspects of a familiar work of art, and at the same time, raise many questions. Was it the original artist who ...

When Gene Simmons isn't performing with KISS, you can find him painting
Gene Simmons is getting serious about art. The co-founder of KISS spoke to CNN about how he began painting during the Covid-19 pandemic as a hobby to decompress, and, now, he's actually selling his ...

Learn ‘light painting’ at Jack London park
Jack London State Historic Park is offering an opportunity to discover the art of light painting for nighttime digital photography at Jack London’s Wolf House from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 6.

Ken Buck compares Hunter Biden painting to classical art, asks Garland to appoint special prosecutor
Rep. Ken Buck displayed a Hunter Biden painting during Thursday's House Judiciary hearing, asking Attorney General Garland how it could come close in value to two classical art pieces he also ...

Painting the picture of Norman Powell’s grind
If the Trail Blazers are going to win a championship this year, there will be nothing easy about their path there.

Painting, polishing and primping in the hope that coming out means not going back in
What's going on in Palm Beach — as in the actual streets-and-buildings-and-public services entity — is mirrored by what's going on in the loafers-no-socks-sweater-tied-around-the-neck Palm Beach, the ...

Painting for students: Idaho Falls teachers fundraise for students' basic necessities
The Idaho Falls Education Association has quietly helped provide students and families with basic necessities for years. On Wednesday, the association had one of its largest fundraising events in an ...

The horrific true story of the Cambodian painter Vann Nath, who used his art to fight against barbarism and tyranny. In 1978, a young painter named Vann Nath was arrested by the Khmer Rouge, the ...