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Did Ohio Unveil Inaccurate Wright Brothers’ Design on New License Plate?
The state has long hailed itself as the "birthplace of aviation" after the historic achievements of Dayton brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Ohio unveils new 'Sunshine in Ohio' license plate with a field, city skyline and child on a swing
The new plate, which features a shining sun rising from a field, is the first since 2013 and is expected to be available in late December.

Wrighting a wrong: Ohio fixes error in new state license plate after wrong-way Wright Flyer turbulence
The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is Wrighting a wrong. Hours after Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine unveiled a new license plate Thursday morning that featured the iconic Wright ...

Ohio BMV fixes Wright Brothers error on new license plate; 35,000 erroneous plates printed
The newly designed license plate for the state of Ohio has an apparent error surrounding the Wright Flyer, which is featured as part of a banner on the top of the new plate.

Ohio officials issue correction on 2021 license plate
Officials in Ohio had to correct the design of the state's new license plate, hours after publicly revealing it during a press conference Thursday. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, along with officials with ...

Ohio unveils new ‘Sunrise in Ohio’ license plate design
The colorful design is reminiscent of the pastoral “Beautiful Ohio” license plate adapted under former Gov. Ted Strickland.

35 police-run cameras capturing license plate photos on Kalamazoo streets
The automatic license plate recognition cameras from Flock Safety were installed in June by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

First look: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine unveils new license plate design
"Our goal was to reflect the beauty of Ohio," Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday morning moments before unveiling the new license plate. The new design will be available to Ohio drivers starting Dec. 29.

Ten Questions About the New Ohio License Plate
Ohio unveiled a new license plate , challenging North Carolinians and inspiring a few questions from this online magazine: Didn’t the Wright Brothers make their first flight in North Carolina? Was ...

Pandemic, road construction doom downtown Syracuse’s home of the garbage plate
The Brine Well Eatery, a two-year-old downtown restaurant known for offering versions of the Rochester garbage plate, is closing Friday. Owner Devon Hubbard blamed a combination of the Covid pandemic ...

From vacant lot to full plate: New partnership creates South Dallas urban farm
Growing up, it was me, my mom, sister and one brother,” said Tyrone Day, Hatcher Station Training Farm manager. “My mother used to give me a list to go to the Farmers Market and get collard greens, ...