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Pokemon Trading Cards Pulled From Shelves at Some Walmart and Target Stores
Some Walmart and Target locations are pulling their Pokemon Trading Card Game stock due to customer behavior over the highly sought cards. Right now, Pokemon cards are in high demand around the world ...

The best Pokémon games 2021 - Which one should you buy?
Pokémon Snap is the latest title to be added to the mountain of Pokémon games, and with eight generations worth of creatures to collect across dozens of options, it’s becoming an increasingly daunting ...

General Mills is facing a cereal shortage because of the Pokémon card renaissance
General Mills are currently facing a cereal shortage due to their recent collaboration with Pokémon for their 25th anniversary.

Local businesses see high demand for Pokémon cards
The popular card game, Pokémon, has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to YouTube streamers going viral from opening packs online.

With the Pokémon card bubble getting bigger, there’s 1 way to keep it from bursting
The price of Pokémon cards is through the roof. Speculators are sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into individual cards. Some are gobbling up vintage unopened boxes for extraordinary sums, ...

Even cereal isn’t safe from the Pokémon card frenzy
In March, The Pokémon Company announced a partnership with General Mills that would pack in a set of three cards into cereals such as Golden Grahams, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and ...

Pokemon Center Just Pushed Back Against Scalpers in the Best Way
If you are a Pokemon fan, then you have no doubt noticed something unusual within the fandom. The franchise is growing by the day like usual, but it is attracting more scalpers than ever before. Even ...

How to evolve Pancham in Pokémon GO, where to catch, best counters, and more
Pancham is the latest Generation 6 Pokémon to be added to Pokémon GO, in a wave of additions that coincide with the Luminous Legends X and Luminous Legends Y events. But, unlike Goomy or Swirlix, you ...

Can Marill be Shiny in Pokemon GO?
With so many Pokemon in Pokemon GO, it can be difficult to keep track of which have Shiny forms and which ones are yet to be introduced. Since Marill in particular has been in the community's eye as ...

Random: The Pokémon Company Wants To Know How Many Kick-Ups Footballers Can Do Whilst Opening Pokémon Cards
The Pokémon Company's UK arm really has us scratching our heads. It has enlisted the aid of the England Football Team to create the 'Pokémon Trading Card Game Kick Up Challenge,' and the first player ...

The best moveset for Blaziken in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
Blaziken is one of the most overpowered Pokemon in the history of the franchise. Debuting in Generation III with Ruby and Sapphire, the final form of Torchic started the trend of Fire/Fighting-type ...