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PSA: New Pokémon Snap's Professor Mirror Is A Monster
Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube But there's really one person to blame, and that's Professor Mirror, the chaotic force that gives you these apples, and names them "Fluffruit" like we can't all ...

Target stops selling Pokémon cards in store, citing safety concerns
Target has temporarily suspended the sale of Pokémon cards and other trading cards in store in response to reports of violent confrontations related to the collectibles, whose value has soared in the ...

Target Temporarily Halts The Sale of Pokemon Cards
Citing safety concerns, Pokemon cards will not be sold in Target stores, but they'll still be able to be bought online if you still want some.

Target to stop selling Pokémon and sports trading cards in stores ‘out of an abundance of caution’
Target TGT, +2.78% will stop selling NBA, NFL, MLB and Pokémon cards in its stores after increased interest in the hobby has led to at least one fight outside one of its retail locations. “Out of an ...

Target Halts Sale Of Pokémon Cards In Physical Locations After A Fight In A Parking Lot Forced One Man To Pull A Firearm
Retail giant Target announced they have put a pause on selling Pokémon cards as well as other sports trading cards following a fight in a Target parking lot in Wisconsin. WSN 12 News reports that ...

‘Collectibles versus commodities’: As Target halts sales of trading cards, collectors reckon with fast-changing hobby
The retailer is pulling cards “out of an abundance of caution" after a parking lot dispute at a Wisconsin store turned violent.

How Much Are Your Pokemon Cards Worth Lately?
The trading card market is hot right now, if not a bit overheated — last week, a collector pulled out a gun on other collectors in a dispute over trading cards at a Target, prompting the company to ...

Ludwig Twitch Stream Reveals Difficulty of Pokemon Card Grading
Pokemon cards have been red hot over the last few months, and a lot of collectors have made big money selling them on the secondary market. Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren was given a reminder how ...

New Pokemon Snap PSA: Don't Get Caught Up Completing Requests
After you've discovered the first Illumina Spot in New Pokemon Snap, you'll begin receiving requests from Professor Mirror and the other members of your research team. You can view these requests ...

Whatnot Is Auctioning Off 2,454 PSA-Graded Pokémon TCG Cards in Its Month-Long "Slabathon"
Pokémon TCG fans will not want to miss Whatnot’s May Slabathon auction month. The stars have aligned for this month-long auction where roughly four months ago, Whatnot was tipped off that someone was ...

Pokemon cards creating ripples in retail economy felt in Las Vegas
The pandemic has created shortages and supply chain issues for many products, but one of the unexpected ones has been Pokémon cards. Its surge in popularity has created a ripple effect in the retail ...