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Phenotypic Abnormalities in Long-Term Surviving Cystic Fibrosis Mice
Stained sections were dehydrated, and coverslips were resin-mounted for photomicroscopy. All sections were photographed on a Reichert-Jung Polyvar photomicroscope by bright-field illumination using a ...

Honeybee health a concern for many
Curry-Lang said Bayer has a product in development called polyvar, a miticide that may protect honeybees from the Varroa mite. “It’s hard to control a bug on a bug,” Curry-Lang said. “It’s a very fine ...

Programmed Cell Death Contributes to Postnatal Lung Development
Microscopic images were obtained on a Polyvar (Reichert-Jung/Leica AG, Zürich, Switzerland) or a MRC-600 laser-scanning microscope (Bio-Rad, Zürich, Switzerland). Digital images were processed for ...

Bacterial iron reduction and biogenic mineral formation for the stabilisation of corroded iron objects
Microscopic observations on the cross-sectioned samples were carried out with a Polyvar MET optical microscope and microphotographs were collected with Axio Vision LE software. An estimation of the ...