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How a robot investigator searched 60 million files
Imagine having to search through all the documents, emails and messages of a huge multinational company.Yousr Khalil does not have to imagine. The forensic accountant was part of a team that had to ...

This robot vacuum has a brilliant feature you’ve never seen before – and it’s $200 off
It might seem like robot vacuums are a dime a dozen these days, but not all autonomous vacuums are created equal. The Ecovacs Deebot T8 Robot Vacuum & Mop is by far our favorite robot vacuum ...

I Won't Say the Self-Cleaning Litter-Robot Changed My life, but—OK, It Changed My Life
Robot 3 Connect with my feisty and particular cats, and honestly? I’m never going back to regular litter boxes. Here’s why I loved this thing so much.

The AI-Powered Robot That Learnt Curling Using Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning
In curling, a sport that’s been referred to as “chess on ice” because of the strategy and precision involved, a robot named Curly beat Korean national teams in three out of four official matches.

5 Roomba robot vacuums are on sale at Black Friday prices right now at Amazon
Robot vacuums are game-changers and anyone who owns one can attest to how great they are. If you’ve been thinking about getting one or you’re looking to add to your arsenal to cover a ...

Depth sensors keys in robot navigation, says Digitimes Research
SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) is essential to navigation systems of mobile robots and there are various depth sensors used in SLAM including 2D and 3D LiDARs, stereoscopic cameras, ...

CES 2021 Highlight: Robot Vacuum And Mop From Roborock Unveiled, 50Hz Scrubber For Tough Stains
The unveiling of the Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop was a CES 2021 highlight, featuring its new 50Hz agitator that promises to scrub up even dried up stains on hard floors.

The world now is ready for this pizza-making robot made in Seattle
The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the stigma against automation in the restaurant industry, and Seattle startup Picnic is at the forefront.

Report: Uber Technologies to Spin Off Postmates Robot Delivery Unit
Would you invest in a company that focused exclusively on robot food delivery? Uber Technologies (NYSE:UBER) might be betting that the answer is "yes." On Friday, TechCrunch reported that Postmates X, ...

Quick! Grab a Roomba i6 robot vacuum while it’s $200 off at Amazon
With huge suction power, multiple brushes, advanced mapping technology, and coordination with Alexa and Google Assistant, the Roomba i6+ is a top robot vacuum.

BONA Released Two Latest Household Robot Vacuum Cleaners at CES 2021
BONA Robot, an expert in the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner industry, demonstrated their two latest products at the CES 2021 online: ...

Bad Robot Leans Into Animation, Taps John Agbaje For Senior Veep Role
Bad Robot has appointed John Agbaje to the role of Senior Vice President, Animation, where he will work across both the company’s film and television groups on animation projects including the ...