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Forget Old Jeeps – Buy this Bizarre Rotrax Kit Car
There are some cars that seem to transgress their production lifespan, at home as much in the early ‘60s as they were in the late ‘70s. This, we can say with much positivity, is not one of them. Rathe...

Absa mulls appeal of damages judgement
The vehicle was to be manufactured by Rotrax Cars International, a close corporation owned by Bernert and his uncle. In 1999, a member of the Bahraini royal family, Sheik Abdull Al Fawaz, agreed to in...

South Africa: Absa Fights R600 Million Judgment
Bernert's lawsuit was based on his claim that Absa had scuppered his vehicle manufacturing business, Rotrax, by writing a letter to the Emirates Bank claiming a letter of guarantee it had issued to an ...

Belle Vue Aces star Peter Craven remembered at MOSI
Adding: "There have been many spectacular racers in speedway, but Peter Craven was arguably the most spectacular of all." The Rotrax-JAP Speedway bike will be on display at MOSI until the memorial eve...

Counterfeit electronics in military weapons
Boeng and the US military found some systems on new P-8 Posiedons to be defective. The culprit: counterfeit electronics. These are scrap parts from 80s-90s electronics that have been re-branded and so...

Absa blocks attempt to attach debtor's book
Bernert required the investment to manufacture his El Macho military vehicle through his close corporation, Rotrax Cars International. The claim of fraud led the prince to pull out of the potential de...