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Fantasy football running backs to buy/sell based on projected attempts inside the 5
When it comes to deciding which running backs we should invest in for the upcoming fantasy football season, there are multiple variables to consider. But rather than taking an in-depth look at every ...

Running scared? Black Las Vegans describe different experiences while exercising outdoors
If you’re Black and looking to exercise outdoors in Las Vegas, be prepared for some scrutiny, says local activist and minister Stretch Sanders.

Stellar, Standard & Subpar: Running Back Andre Hines
A preview of a freshman running back, who comes to a loaded backfield. What role will Andre Hines play in 2020?

Reopen schools? Online learning was a fail, coronavirus is surging, time’s running out
Health experts recommend reopening schools noting children face very low risk from COVID-19, but disagree how that should be done, while many Bay Area parents and teachers are balking over safety ...

My Favorite Face Mask for Summer Running Is This $15 Neck Gaiter You Can Buy on Amazon
Running with a face mask on isn't anyone's idea of a pleasant experience, but if you workout in a densely populated area, it may be a necessity to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With many ...

Cubs' Albert Almora suffers minor rib contusion running into outfield wall
Cubs outfielder Albert Almora briefly left the Cubs' intraquad scrimmage Friday after running into the center field wall.

What's OK for just running errands?
Am I under an obligation to give strangers something nice to look at when I am out running errands, or am I allowed to stick to the standards of "my clothing is decent, and is daywear" and "I washed ...

Greg Sankey on Potential Season: "We're Running Out of Time"
The last few days have been a complete and utter nightmare for fans of college football, with numerous conferences electing to modify how they will play the 2020-21 season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic ...

How a running mate, diverse campaign could help Biden with Latino voters
At a moment of national reckoning over systemic racism brought to light by both the impact of the COVID-19 and police brutality, former Vice President Joe Biden is facing increasing calls to pick a ...

Who is running for Maricopa County assessor?
The Assessor's Office determines the value of properties in Maricopa County, which dictates how much a property owner pays in taxes. The office has experienced significant turmoil in the past year.

Cubs’ Albert Almora leaves intrasquad game after running into outfield wall
Almora raced straight back on a shot by Kris Bryant off Craig Kimbrel but was unable to snare the ball before his momentum led him into the ivy-covered brick wall.

SEC Commissioner Sankey: 'We Are Running out of Time' for 2020 Football Season
SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said Saturday the power brokers of college football are "running out of time to correct and get things right" to complete the 2020 season amid the coronavirus pandemic.