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Under Armour average selling price in shoes is outperforming Nike
Under Armour Inc. stock soared in Wednesday trading after a first-quarter earnings beat, raised guidance and research that shows that in one metric ...

Crocs is giving away 10,000 pairs of shoes to health care heroes
That's a huge part of the reason why Crocs is bringing back its "Free Pair for Healthcare program," which recognizes and provides comfort to health care heroes who have been on fighting on the front ...

Crocs Is Giving 50,000 Free Pairs of Shoes to Nurses Next Week
Crocs announced that it's bringing back its Free Pair for Healthcare program during National Nurses Week. The company will give away 10,000 pairs of its Crocs At Work shoes per day to frontline ...

Above The Clouds x ASICS SKYCOURT Is Inspired by Vintage Squash Shoes
After releasing a well-received GEL-1090 collaboration in 2020, Sidney-based retailer Above The Clouds and ASICS are working together again — prepping a squash shoe-inspired take on the SKYCOURT. As ...

Here’s How Golf Shoes Improve Your Game (Plus 8 Top-Rated Pairs to Get)
If you’re new to golf, picking up a pair of new golf shoes can seem a bit unnecessary. But the truth is, the best golf shoes will massively improve your game and keep your feet more comfortable during ...

The Best New Balance Running Shoes
New Balance traces its origins back to 1906, when William Riley founded New Balance Arch Company in Boston and began selling arch supports for shoes. The company didn’t make its first pair of sneakers ...

Best comfortable office shoes
If you’re in need of comfortable office shoes, we’ve rounded up office dress shoes that offer comfort, warmth and practicality. And they look good, too!

Kate Hudson Says Daughter Rani, 2, Already Started Stealing Her Shoes and Copying Her Workouts
"I'm learning so quickly that this whole 'everything that is mom's is yours' when you're a girl is real," the mother of three tells PEOPLE ...

Officers Discover 3 Pounds of Cocaine in Woman's Shoes at Atlanta Airport
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it caught a Georgia woman trying to smuggle cocaine in multiple pairs of shoes through the Atlanta airport.

Adidas running shoes with 3D printed midsoles push your feet forward
A new Adidas running shoe called the 4DFWD has a technology-enabled trick: The shoe eases you forward a little each time your foot strikes the ground.That's because the shoe's 3D-printed midsole, made ...

Snowshoes: Woman Arrested At Hartsfield-Jackson For Smuggling $40K Of Cocaine In Shoes
A 21-year-old woman was arrested at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle approximately three pounds of cocaine (street value:$40,000) hidden in the so ...

Woman arrested at airport after getting caught smuggling $40,000 of cocaine in shoes
A woman has been arrested after smuggling an estimated $40,000 worth of cocaine in seven pairs of shoes upon her return to the United States from Jamaica.