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News for Dolls & Bears

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Joburg restaurant uses giant teddy bears to ensure social distancing
Many restaurants have come up with clever ways to bring business back while maintaining an atmosphere and keeping people safe.

Black Fetus Doll Found Hanging at Wisconsin Fire Station Sparks Outrage
An investigation ruled that there was not "deliberate or intentional racist or sexist intent" after the doll was found in February.

Everything is fine and normal - just ask the mannequin at the next table
The people disappeared, and then they were replaced. The ones brave enough to venture out to restaurants, concert halls and stadiums in the After were greeted by the Others. The ...

Masha and the Bear
Masha enthusiastically plays with her 'dolls', but Rosie wants to be independent ... An old friend comes to visit the Bear. He brings along an amazing game - billiards. Isn't it an excuse to have fun ...

Woman who has spent decades fixing toys puts own ‘doll’s house’ on the market for £700,000
A lady who has put a smile on the faces of generations of children by mending their toys is now selling the home - and former workshop - where it all began.

Demon Slayer: 10 Facts Fans Didn't Know About Yoriichi
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Figure of British naval hero adorns iron umbrella holder
Most were made of iron or ceramics. The most elaborate wooden stands included carved bears, while those made of cast iron were often statues of famous royalty, military men or representations of ...

Alice Holscher uses COVID-19 as an excuse to do what she's always wanted: making dresses for her many dolls
KEARNEY — Alice Holscher didn’t complain when COVID-19 kept her inside this spring. She got busy making clothes for dozens of dolls she had purchased at auctions during the years.

WRITE TEAM: The humble sewing machine is back in style
Considering all the important innovations and scientific research being done during the COVID-19 crisis, some were taken by surprise when a not-so-trendy item suddenly became essential: the home ...

Teddy bears fitted with face masks for Newby Hall and Gardens reopening
AN EXHIBITION which hosts more than 1,000 teddy bears is preparing to reopen - with special protection in place for some of the bears.