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The Pixel 4 Camera Makes Google’s Latest Smartphones Worth Buying
You don’t have to wait for the processing to happen to see your final shot. Along these lines is the new Dual Exposure camera. This lets you edit the picture before you take it by changing both the ...

1953 Chicago-made Bakelite camera documents Colorado junkyard
I've been focusing— get it?— on box cameras for my junkyard film photography lately; we saw some shots made with the endearingly English 1920s Houghton Ensign box last week, preceded by a 1930s German ...

Facebook secretly using iPhone camera as users scroll news feed
Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet. pic.twitter.com/B8b9oE1nbl — Joshua Maddux (@JoshuaMaddux) November 10, 2019 A Facebook spokesperson said it had been caused by ‘a bug’ that had been ...

iPhone privacy: We accessed your phone's camera but it was a 'bug', says Facebook
"In fixing that last week in v246 we inadvertently introduced a bug where the app partially navigates to the camera screen when a photo is tapped. We have no evidence of photos/videos uploaded due to ...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8’s best feature isn’t its quad-camera setup — it’s the battery
Let’s talk about cameras. While four cameras provide great versatility and options, wide-angle and macro camera fail to produce expected results often. The former struggles in anything but daylight.

Facebook bug accesses iPhone's camera while user scrolls through News Feed
"We have seen no evidence of photos or videos being uploaded due to this bug. We're submitting the fix for this to Apple today," a spokesman said. Until the fix is officially approved, Gamblin ...

Google Camera gains document scanning and more, Photos picks up astrophotography filter
As it turns out, this version of Camera also integrates Google Lens more deeply into the viewfinder, which allows you to scan documents, translate foreign languages, and copy text. Related to these ...

7 steps to incredible macro photos using any phone camera
Here are my tips on how to do the same. Using a macro lens with almost any phone camera, like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10 Plus or Pixel 4, allows you to get up close on incredible details ...

Photos: Trains, spectacles and everyday miracles at LA’s Union Station
The hustle and bustle of the station helps me remain almost invisible as I hunt for photos and capture the fleeting moments. People looking at electronic devices as they sit in oversized chairs in the ...

Adobe just released a new AI-powered smartphone camera app that edits photos in seconds, Adobe's CTO explains why
Adobe released a new smartphone app called Photoshop (Ps) Camera that relies on artificial intelligence to edit photos automatically.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera is an AI-powered photo editor for your phone
Adobe realizes this, and now they're looking to flex a bit. This morning the company announced Photoshop Camera, an AI-driven photo editing app for iOS and Android. Take a picture (or grab one from ...

Where do Windows 10 Camera app & Photos app save Pictures and Videos?
Windows 10 has a Camera app as well as a Photos app. Here’s the thing, whenever the user takes photos and videos with the Camera on their Windows 10 device, the images are not saved in the Photos ...