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Best Sonos deals 2020: cheapest ever Sonos One SL, £40 off Beam!
Learn more Show vendors It's Summer Sales Week at T3 and the best Sonos deals in the best July sales are these (in the UK): Currys has cut £20 from the price of Sonos One SL, and Amazon has £40 off ...

A guide to Sonos, the wireless speaker system that lets you control music in every room of your house at once
Sonos lets you play music from your computer, phone, or virtually any online service through any Sonos speakers in your network.

The Sonos Arc is a great soundbar that'll get better with age
While the Sonos Arc won’t remedy a pandemic or make Space Force any less underwhelming, it will fix up your TV’s audio and then some. As the anointed successor to both the beloved Sonos Playbar and ...

Sonos Arc: Review Roundup
The verdicts suggest that Sonos has another hit on its hands - here’s a pick of what the experts had to say... “The Sonos Arc is a sleek looking soundbar that matches the aesthetic of the company's ...

Sonos’ NYC store is closing and it’s cutting jobs
Sonos is closing its New York retail store and will shed around 12-percent of its staff, the company has confirmed today, as it aims to offset the impact of COVID-19 on its multi-room speaker ...

Sonos to lay off 12 percent of employees and close NYC retail store
Sonos CEO Patrick Spence will be taking a 20 percent reduction in his salary from July through the end of the year, and other top executives will be giving up the 20 percent until September 30th.

Sonos refurbished speaker sale: Get a Play:1 for $99
Like Apple and Vitamix, Sonos is a premium brand, with prices to match. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, but some folks just want that name, you know? Discounts are prett ...

Will Apple Really Buy Sonos? Probably Not.
Could Apple acquire Sonos? Absolutely. Will it? Probably not. The speaker maker does not seem to be as strategic of a play as Apple’s larger acquisitions of the past decade.

Sonos lays off 12% of staff, closes New York City storefront
In a filing this week, connected speaker maker Sonos noted plans to cut 12% of its workforce, in addition to closing some of its smaller offices and its garish showroom in Manhattan’s Soho ...

Sonos cuts 12% of global employees due to coronavirus pandemic
Speaker maker Sonos plans to cut 12% of its global workforce due to "uncertainty and challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic." It's also closing its New York City retail store.

Sonos will lay off 12 percent of its workforce due to COVID-19
Sonos is the latest company to announce layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It plans to eliminate 12 percent of its global headcount and close its New York retail store and six satellite offices.

Sonos cuts 12% of workforce due to pandemic; impact on Seattle engineering office not yet clear
Speaker-maker Sonos, which has a large presence in downtown Seattle, announced Tuesday that it is cutting 12 percent of its global workforce due to uncertainty and challenges stemming from ...