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Jamie Oliver slams 'unimpressive' police after being forced to track down his own stolen tractor
Jamie Oliver's tractor was found abandoned in a field after a midnight raid on the star's Essex estate. The TV chef, 45, used trackers on the tractor to locate it.

Jamie Oliver tracks down stolen tractor himself as he brands police response 'lukewarm'
JAMIE OLIVER took matters into his own hands last week after his tractor was stolen from his Essex estate, forcing the chef to retrieve his equipment, as he claims police "weren't interested." ...

Nidderdale comes together to help 19-year-old nursery worker who suffered life-changing injuries in horrific tractor crash
Nidderdale Moorland Group has raised over £8,000 to help a local teenager who lost her leg in a horror crash in January.

What lies beneath: the ‘secret’ tech under your SUV’s bonnet
City-dwelling owners of 4x4s can test their skills and SUV’s capabilities at Land Rover’s Experience Centres obody knows how many ‘Chelsea tractors’ ever go off-road; it’s not information that motor ...

Jamie Oliver tracks down stolen tractor after ‘cops fail to investigate properly’
He said thieves had broken into his estate last week, and went on: “Two guys in a black Mercedes 4x4 stole a new trailer and tractor. “I just wanted to make you all aware there seems to be ...

Jamie Oliver tracked down his own stolen tractor, and thinks police could've done more
The 45-year-old star branded the police response "unimpressive" after a tractor was stolen from his Essex home in ... the vehicle and even had the registration of the thieves' Mercedes 4x4 after a ...

Jamie Oliver tracks down stolen tractor
Jamie Oliver was forced to turn detective to find his tractor after it was taken from his Essex estate and he tracked it down when the police failed to help.

Jamie Oliver slams police after being forced to track down his own stolen tractor
Oliver has slammed police after he was forced to find his own tractor when it was stolen by thieves. The TV chef called police after two men broke through a side entrance to his Essex estate in a ...