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The Bizarre Demise of a Neo-Nazi Who Used a COVID Protest to Target Jews
Matthew Slatzer displayed a sign calling Jews “the real plague” at an anti-lockdown protest. Then his legal problems started catching up to him.

Teargas used on Philadelphia crowds as destruction continues
Officials in Philadelphia closed off much of the center of the city Sunday after peaceful protests over George Floyd's death turned into a night of destruction with store windows smashed near City ...

Image bricks some Android phones when used as wallpaper
An image is bricking some Android phones when it's set as wallpaper, and it may be a matter of the picture's color space.

Trump was rushed into a White House bunker used during past terrorist attacks during Friday protests in Washington, DC
Officials told The Times that they never believed the president was in danger, but took the precaution as protests escalated.

Advocates question investigations used to target wolves
An environmental group is raising questions about investigations into livestock kills by Mexican gray wolves in the southwestern U.S. The Western Watersheds Project has documented oddities, errors or ...

Tear Gas Used to Clear Washington, D.C. Protesters
Watch as police in the nation’s capital use tear gas to clear protesters as another night of violence erupts over the death last week of George Floyd. Police say they were responding to multiple fires ...

America Used to Have Leaders
Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 speech following Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination offers a stark lesson in what has changed—and what remains the same—more than 50 years later.

Prince Harry Used to Have a Secret Facebook Account Under a Fake Name
Prince Harry was reportedly on Facebook under the alias "Spike Wells." According to Page Six, Harry's secret Facebook included pictures of him and his then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. The account was ...

Inside the plasma therapy used to treat COVID-19
With no vaccine, doctors have turned to plasma therapy to treat patients ill with the coronavirus. Bill Whitaker reports on one hospital's program to infuse those who are sick with antibody-rich ...

Used-car market could be in for a wild ride
Wholesale prices have improved as the glut of used vehicles on the market comes down — at least for now. The rolling, seven-day supply of retail used vehicles in inventory peaked April 8 at 115 days ...

COVID-19: Kuwait schools used as shelters unlikely to be vacated before July
Mask-clad residents walk in a neighbourhood of Kuwait City on May 12, 2020. Image Credit: AFP Cairo: Schools, used as makeshift houses for government employees in Kuwait, are unlikely to be evacuated ...

Atlanta mayor FIRES police officers who 'used excessive force' with Taser while arresting students
Two Atlanta police officers were fired for using excessive force on Saturday while arresting two college students -  Messiah Young, 22, and Teniyah Pilgrim, 20.