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Google’s rumored Pixel 6 Tensor processor sounds extremely weird
Google is set to debut its first in-house smartphone chipset, the Tensor SoC, in its upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. And if the latest report from XDA is correct, the Tensor’s rumored CPU ...

What’s behind these weird price increases? Americans are paying more for window coverings and salad dressing
Window coverings saw a 17.2% price increase in August compared to July, according to government inflation data ...

Jeopardy Fans Are Having A Weird Week As Mike Richards Kicks Off Season 38 Despite Exit From Show
It’s a weird for Jeopardy! Fans in what has been a series of weird weeks for fans of the long-running game show. This week might be peak weirdness, however, as fans will be served a full set of ...

Chicago woman attended her first therapy session the day before allegedly shooting 7th grade son, displayed ‘weird, erratic behaviors’
CHICAGO — Cook County prosecutors have said Fallon Harris shot and killed her 12-year-old son this weekend over a missing digital storage disc. Social media trolls have accused her of killing Kaden ...

New photos of ‘dog-bone’ asteroid reveal that it’s truly weird
The most detailed telescope photographs yet of the asteroid Kleopatra clearly show its weird “dog-bone” shape.

‘I’m Your Man’ Star Dan Stevens on Dusting Off His German for ‘Strange, Sweet, Weird’ Film (Video)
In Dan Stevens' new film "I'm Your Man," directed by Maria Schrader, the British actor spends the whole time speaking perfect German.

No, The COVID Vaccine Won't Do Anything Weird To Your Testicles
Despite what Nicki Minaj tweeted, there's no evidence that the shots cause impotence or other sexual health problems.

Weird Muons May Point to New Particles and Forces of Nature
I had been analyzing the flickering effects of unseen “virtual” particles on muons, aiming to use the clues from these interactions to piece together a fuller picture of our quantum universe. As a ...

The weird, the wonderful and the political: highlights from the 2021 Met Gala red carpet
The weird, the wonderful and the political: highlights from 2021 Met Gala red carpet – video ...

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts Sen. Joe Manchin for 'weird, patronizing behavior' after he referred to her as a 'young lady'
"I don't know the young lady that well," Manchin said of Ocasio-Cortez. "We have not had any conversations." ...

‘Weird, patronizing behavior’: AOC lets rip at Manchin’s ‘young lady’ remark
Democratic senator referred to congresswoman as ‘young lady’ as intra-party fight over $3.5tn social spending bill gets personal ...

6 houseplants that’ll make your home look delightfully weird
We’ve talked about plants that will rid your place of bugs, plants that will purify the air in your home, and plants that can survive your incompetence (or the incompetence of your roommate), but what ...