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North Carolina man wins $2 million Mega Millions prize after hitting deer with new car
After hitting two deer with his car, he later discovered that he’d won a $2 million lottery prize. After hitting two deer with his car, a North Carolina man later discovered that he’d won a $2 million ...

50 Car Companies That No Longer Exist
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the automobile industry has been one filled with innovation — though some car makers might have thought too far outside of the box.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid Is Fastest-Accelerating Production Car
Remember when Elon Musk said Tesla only continued to build the Model S and X for sentimental reasons? (during an earnings call, October 2019).

Man Hits 2 Deer with New Car, Then He Hits $2M in Lottery
An unlucky start to a North Carolina man’s day turned upside down when he discovered he won a $2 million lottery prize hours after hitting two deer with his new car ...

Man fleeing troopers hits car, killing mother, 2 young kids
A man fleeing Tennessee state troopers sped into a city intersection and slammed his truck into a car, killing a mother and her two young children, authorities said.

An American Automaker Claims World’s Fastest Car Title—Again
The recorded speed, while not high enough to beat the 304.77 mph a modified Bugatti Chiron achieved in 2019, surpassed the 277.9 mph record time for a production car set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS in ...

North Carolina man hits 2 deer with car, $2 million lotto in same day
A North Carolina man realized he won $2 million in the state lottery just hours after he struck two deer with his new car Saturday morning. Anthony Dowe, a resident of Leland on the state’s southeast ...

Ansonia police: Stolen car linked to 2 purse thefts
Two purses were stolen from separate cars Monday afternoon within the span of about an hour, according to police. Police officers took reports about two purses being stolen from cars around 1 p.m. — ...

2 injured after police car drives through crowd at race
At least two people were injured when a police officer responding to a report of a street race plowed his car through a crowd of pedestrians that had gathered around him and were pounding on the car’s ...

Man discovers $2M lottery jackpot hours after crashing car
A North Carolina man who started off his day with a car accident said his luck turned around when he won a $2 million lottery jackpot later in the same day.

Baidu gets California nod for testing empty self-driving cars
Baidu Inc has received a permit from the state of California to test self-driving cars without a driver behind the wheel, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles said on Wednesday.

Cottondale man charged in thefts from 3 Tuscaloosa car dealerships
Dylan Barger, 26, was arrested Tuesday on two charges of receiving stolen property resulting from an ongoing TPD investigation. He is facing additional charges related to cases initiated by the ...