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2 Seater Cars for Less Than 100K
The realm of 2 seater cars is usually high priced exotics. But there are several that can be had for less than $100K, some even for less than half of that.

2 Cars Stolen In Summit Overnight, Third Theft Of 2022
Two vehicles were stolen from Summit driveways on Colony Drive and Templar Way. Both were unlocked with the key fob inside. Since the beginning of Jan. 2022, there have been two attempts and three ...

2 Dead After Car Lands In New Jersey Pond
Two people were found dead after a car crashed into a pond Tuesday in Piscataway, New Jersey. The Middlesex County prosecutor’s office said the vehicle was discovered shortly after 5:30 a.m. in New ...

Two people died after being found in car in Piscataway pond, police say
The car was found floating in New Market Pond in Piscataway early Tuesday morning. Both people found in the car died at the hospital.

Two hospitalized after 2-car crash
Two people were seriously injured after a crash shut down part of North Dixie Drive. According to the Butler Township Police department, North Dixie Drive was closed ...

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: How 2 car accidents demonstrate the power of forgiveness, faith
First Deedra Russell lost her son, now she is hospitalized after being struck head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-15. Elder Holland shared what can be learned by the way she and the ...

Best Company Cars 2022
Company Cars. Once an exclusive perk of high profile jobs, company cars have now become much more commonplace. Despite a multitude of different jobs now coming with the added bene ...

2 found dead in car floating in N.J. pond, officials say
Two people were found dead in a car floating in a pond in Piscataway on Tuesday morning, authorities said. Police were called to the pond in the area of Stelton Road and Lakeview Avenue around 5:35 a.

Mother, 9-month-old son identified as occupants of car pulled from pond
The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office says that a mother and her 9-month-old son were pronounced dead after their car was pulled from a pond in Piscataway.

Two Dead After Car Accident Near Mitchell Airport On Layton: MPD
Milwaukee police said two people are dead after two cars collided on 1400 West Layton Avenue early Saturday morning.

Driver Shoots Would-Be Car Thief in Southwest Philly; Car Strikes School Bus
A driver shot and killed a would-be car thief Tuesday morning in Southwest Philadelphia, Philadelphia police said. Then, the car crashed into a yellow school bus.

Sheriff's office: 2-year-old shot, wounded in mother's car
A 2-year-old boy was shot and wounded while sitting in his mother’s car on Monday evening, authorities in North Carolina said. The Harnett County Sheriff’s Office said the boy was shot in the upper ...