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'Get Out While You're Alive': Man's 'Creepy' Discovery in Girlfriend's Attic Goes Viral
A man claims to have made a disturbing discovery in the attic space of his girlfriend's house and it's got people feeling seriously spooked. In a post shared to Reddit under the handle n515o, a man ...

Greg Gutfeld: It's a great time to be alive if you're criminally deranged
Greg Gutfeld reveals how liberal's soft-on-crime policies have lead to an uptick in violent offenses across the United States.

Texas rabbi 'grateful to be alive' as synagogue hostage-taking suspect ID'd
A Texas rabbi taken hostage with three members of his congregation by an armed man demanding the release of a convicted terrorist, posted a message on social media Sunday saying he is "grateful to be ...

Families shocked to learn Tennessee boy is alive; mother arrested for faking his death
A Clarksville mother is behind bars after she reportedly faked her 12-year-old son’s death. Vanessa Blanchard is the woman police say is facing charges after claiming that her autistic son died from a ...

Texas hostage situation: All hostages 'alive and safe,' Greg Abbott tweets after hours-long ordeal
A Texas SWAT team responded Saturday afternoon to reports of a possible hostage situation at a synagogue near Dallas.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke on new voting restrictions: "Voting discrimination is alive and well"
Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, the first Black woman to run the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, says voting rights is a top priority.

‘Grateful to Be Alive’: What We Know About the Synagogue Hostage Rescue
The authorities have identified the suspect, a British citizen, who was killed when the hostages at a synagogue in the Dallas-Fort Worth area were freed on Saturday night.

‘Being Jewish and alive shouldn’t be a miracle’: World reacts to Texas synagogue attack
News that a rabbi and others were being held hostage in a Colleyville, Tex., synagogue sent shockwaves through Jewish communities worldwide.

'I Was Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer Twice As a Child—18 Years Later, I'm Still Alive'
A year to the day from my first brain cancer diagnosis, I relapsed. I had my second surgery and was given six weeks to live.

Opinion: Patrick Mahomes proves he's capable of attacking in different style, keeping Chiefs' hopes alive
Patrick Mahomes restored the Chiefs’ standing as one of the NFL's most dangerous teams while affirming he's team’s greatest hope for Super Bowl glory.

Kansas City Chiefs rally for 13th straight win over Broncos stay alive for No 1 seed
Linebacker Nick Bolton’s 86-yard fumble return powered the Kansas City Chiefs to a 28-24 victory over the Denver Broncos on Saturday ...