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Apple warns iPhone 12, MagSafe users with medical implants to keep a safe distance
Earlier in January, a medical study done by the Heart Rhythm Society (first spotted by MacMagazine) suggested the iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories can interfere with medical devices — such as ...

Wall Street analysts expect Apple to set a new milestone by topping $100 billion in holiday quarter sales
Growth in the holiday quarter means Apple is poised to post quarterly revenue topping $100 billion for the first time, according to Wall Street.

Apple, Tesla Among Top Earnings in Week Ahead
Fourth-quarter earnings season gets into full swing in the week ahead with reports due from more than 100 companies in the S&P 500. Here’s a look at what to expect form some of the most prominent ...

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 7 ad hits Apple's MacBook Pro where it really hurts
In its latest ad for the Surface Pro 7 (by way of MS Power User), the company spent 30 seconds listing all the ways it believes the 2-in-1 laptop is better than Apple's MacBook Pro. The video starts ...

AirTags in 2021? Samsung's SmartTags are here, so Apple rumors are really flying
Here's every rumor we've heard about Apple's tracking devices, which could help you find your phone, keys and other important stuff.

Has Apple Just Given Your Trusty Old iPhone A DNR Order?
Older technology can't last forever. There comes a time when we must upgrade and Apple may have just brought that date forward for iPhone users.

Apple TV+ may lag far behind its competition, but Apple is still winning at its own game
Apple TV+ may not be the best streaming service by any measurement, but it does add value to the Apple One bundle, a major focus for the company.

Apple Privacy Change May Cost Facebook, Google $25 Billion Over Next 12 Months
Google could lose $17 billion in revenue over the next 12 months. Facebook has perhaps $8 billion at risk. The cause, according to mobile marketing professionals? Apple’s new privacy changes. Last ...

Wimkin's founder says his company is being treated unfairly after its app was removed by Google and Apple app stores
Alternative social media network Wimkin saw a 20% spike in users in before Google removed it from its app store, says its founder.

Apple glasses, AR/VR headsets: These are the latest leaks and rumors
Apple's next big product looks to be a VR headset. Or smartglasses. Or both. Here's what to expect, and our guesses as to what else might happen.

Apple knows that dropping the iPhone Lightning port would create an 'unprecedented amount of electronic waste'
It seems likely that Apple is preparing to dump the Lightning port from future iPhones. But what happens to those billions of accessories?

Samsung dances to Apple's tune again and it's getting dull
It's one thing to release a fine phone. It's quite another to get people excited about it. Samsung appears to be struggling.