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No iPhone Necessary: 5 Things You Can Do On The Apple Watch Series 6 All By Its Lonesome
The Apple Watch is, in essence, a miniaturized iPhone. That means you can leave the iPhone at home and manage just fine. Review backgrounder: I have an Apple Watch Series 6 with Verizon cellular ...

Surprise OnePlus Watch Will Disrupt Apple, Samsung
OnePlus has not-so-subtly revealed that the company’s first smartwatch is on the way. This isn’t OnePlus' first crack at the wearable whip, it reportedly had a watch prototype developed in 2015 - ...

An Apple Watch with Family Setup is an expensive smart watch for your kids
The most interesting thing is Apple’s new Family Setup service, which lets parents provision an Apple Watch for their kids to use. They can choose what apps and services their kids can access, who ...

The best Apple Watch deal is still live after Prime Day
The $199 Apple Watch Series 3 drops to just $169 for a limited time at Amazon, after Prime Day has come to an end.

Apple's research of Apple Watch charging coil use for haptic feedback could lead to thinner devices
Apple is exploring using the wireless charging coil on an Apple Watch to also provide haptic feedback, potentially leading to smaller and thinner wearables.

How to track your sleep with an Apple Watch using the built-in Sleep app or third-party apps
You can track your sleep on an Apple Watch using the default Sleep app, or go for a third-party app with more advanced analytics.

YouTube Music App For Apple Watch May Hint At Google's Ìssues With Wear OS, Report Says
Here's what can be gleaned from Google's decision to release the new YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch but not for Wear OS devices.

Apple Prime Day 2020 deals still available: Best AirPods, iPad, and Apple Watch sales
With that said, here are a few Apple deals we've spotted on Amazon for Prime Day 2020. There are plenty of other more exciting deals to be found on the site from Oct. 13 and Oct. 14, but if you have ...

iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories: How Apple's new snap-on magnets work
Apple's four new iPhone 12 models -- two of which are now available to preorder-- come with 5G, better cameras and the return of a beloved feature Apple long used on MacBooks: the MagSafe charger.

How to delete podcasts stored on your Apple Watch from your iPhone's Watch app
You can delete all stored podcasts from your Apple Watch, or all episodes of a podcast by changing your settings in your iPhone's Watch app.

Apple Watch Now Has Its Own YouTube Music App
Google has released the new YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch, allowing those who use Apple's wearable device to gain easy access and control over their favorite music. Smartwatch users who prefer ...